6 Takeaways From My Big Leap Move & Why You Should Care

authentic branding conscious business mindset quantum marketing Jun 23, 2022


Quite frankly it was the shock of it all. The build up and then the actual exertion it takes to catapult yourself into a new life.


There’s nothing to be sad about here.  Everything is unfolding -  all is in divine order.  This was a conscious decision with me and my partner. It couldn’t have been more graceful and more loving. 


I pulled out of the driveway for the last time that cold rainy Colorado spring morning, my car packed to the gills with just enough room for me and for Rosie to ride shotgun (which she loved because she was in petting range. 




 It couldn’t have been more clear.  This was exactly what my soul wanted me to do. Head east for 1440 + miles to a new land, a new life, where I can serve more humanity in this evolution that is happening right here, right now, before our eyes. 


Your soul will never lie to you in this game of life. It is our internal compass, our north star. 


I’m so grateful for the uneventful journey, and for the strength and fortitude I had, my body strong. I surely learned some things as we always do on a 'first' time thing.



Here are my key takeaways: 


 1. My authentic nature will not lie to me, nor will it leave me alone. 

I believe that being authentic and in alignment with yourself is what we must honor. Your soul will never lie to you, and it will not leave you alone.


If you listen, you will hear it’s gentle nudging, unless we don’t listen - and then those nudges from the Universe get louder and more uncomfortable. When you have that burn, that inner desire, at the end of the day, we must honor it. This is your brand essence and is what naturally magnetizes your customers to you without saying a word.  


When you up level your own transformation, you can express your authentic self in your brand, and in your life.  You become the leader you were meant to be guided by compassion and love, empowered by an unshakable confidence. 


The soul of your business IS your Superpower.



Rosie loved having a bed to herself and thinks we should have 2 beds in the new place. Of course side-by-side! 


2. When acting with wisdom and knowledge, we can move mountains.

When you live long enough like I have, and you fail forward enough times, you become wiser because all along the way you’re picking up knowledge and experience. 


Wisdom is deeper, more intuitive. It’s what leaders are made of. It comes from experience.  


Driving across the country bringing Rosie into Whole Foods and Rest Stops where it was ‘no pets allowed’ was a situation that concerned me. You see, I knew I couldn’t leave her in the hot car, and I had to take care of human business, food and such, so I had no choice but to with certainty and an attitude of “I belong here.”  go in, stay focused, and knowing that if confronted, I could leave. 


Seek your guidance within where you source your innate wisdom earned from living life. Claim it!  


Rest stops are way too interesting to eat!



 3. We can all jump timelines - change course radically. 

What do I mean by that? We all have free will. At any time we can choose. We choose what time to get up in the morning. We choose if we are working all day and working late, or taking some time off for self-care. 


And we can choose to have a new life. It was through years of self-inquiry and spiritual inventory that I chose to have a new life - to jump timelines. To change my trajectory. 


When you incorporate spirituality with business, you supercharge your results.  Spiritual branding brings tremendous value and is important for businesses today. People tend to overlook, or worse, do not make a connection between the two. 


Optimize your results and lead with a clear and cohesive heart. 



Day 5: Take a day at Hot Springs, NC for a nice soak for a tired road ragged body. 



 4. Our business is our vehicle for us to do that which we came here to do. 

We are spiritual beings having a human experience for the purpose of growing our souls . 


When we integrate our soul story into our business, we come into alignment with the truth of who we are.  When you are in alignment, you make the impact that you came here to make. 


I was not in alignment with where I was living. It felt empty and lifeless even though the beauty of the Rockies kept me there, anchored to Pachamama’s towering mountains and idyllic rivers and vibrant wildflowers. The energy in that part of the world was not serving me - I had to make a move. 


Now in Asheville, NC, and the moving truck hasn’t arrived yet with my furniture and belongings yet. It’s been two weeks without anything except what I brought with me in my car. 


With this transition, the shock of a new place, new land, new people, my beloved Soul Story Creative has given me such joy, companionship, and the strength to keep going. My clients have been my anchor and my human connection. I just love running remote!  No matter where I am, you are there ;-) 


(Stay tuned for a great podcast in August on Business Leaders with Soul with Liam Martin whose launching his new book and conference, Running Remote)


When you are in alignment with your business, things unfold easily. Treat your business like a friend. Bring it in energetically to meetings with your team, or during your meditation. Ask it “What do you want to be? Who do you want to serve? “


And then listen! 


Bring your soul story to the forefront of your business. Make a bigger impact, enjoy your business more, and yes, make more money.   



By the Laurel River outside Marshall, NC to soak up the sun and let Rosie poke around.


 5. Let your burning desire set the world on fire. 


Are you leaning to the mystery of life and staying focused? 

As everyone kept saying to me “you are on an adventure Lee!”  It didn't feel adventurous - in the midst of the chaos, the packing, the letting go of treasured sentimental things. And all I could think about was 


“Yeah right I’ve had enough adventure for this lifetime!”


Look, we’re not here just to meet our needs so that we can merely survive; for us to have some kind of break-even experience. 


Our best chance of being successful in our businesses is to have a heart of service, of making someone else’s life better because they encountered you and your company. 


Treat your business as a partner. Meditate with the intention of having a conversation with your business. Only you can know your potential and talents that are calling you to activate them. 


Listen, meditate, ask: What is seeking to emerge? 


Lead with your heart, and experience fulfilling and meaningful work in the world.


I had arrived at my new place, I looked down, and there she was...a four leaf clover. That's what happens when you lean into the uncertainty and make it magical!



 6. Have faith & spread your unique and beautiful energy wide and far.   


The world is changing faster than we can fathom. It is chaos and destruction. There seems to be no end to the suffering and pain of humanity. 


But what if it is all birthing something fantastic, something that serves all? What if you are part of bringing in The New Earth?


I know and believe in what I cannot see.  And there is good happening behind the scenes. 


How do I know this? Because I have seen in my lifetime time and time again that change happen miraculously, gracefully, swiftly. 


The only thing constant is change and while we see so much suffering, we must be strong. There is GOOD happening in the background that we are not aware of. Focus on that. 


The world needs your unique design, your heart and the way you see the world.  Don’t be afraid of all that is being asked of you. It’s not your parent’s or grandparent’s world. We are pioneers and are blazing a new way, a new world. 


It’s like my good friend, Elatia Abate, talked about in her podcast interview, there is nobody coming to save us. It is up to us to do our part. 



Rosie is considering her unique contribution as she studies the new sights, sounds, and smells of her new place. 



Bottom Line: 


I did things I didn’t know I could do.  Like my amazingly successful yard sale to let go of all that which didn't need to be on the moving truck. I made fun for everyone. Spreading my soul energy at my yard sale!


I walked 5.6 miles that day - in my driveway. And I met lovely people with inspiring stories to tell me. 


Like the woman who took my Electrolux canister vacuum. She told me her father back in the day sold Electrolux vacuums to the rural residents of South Dakota who didn’t even have electricity yet! Talk about faith! It was awesome! 


Even though the vacuum was in need of repair, me giving it to her made her day and brought love to her heart thinking of her Dad, maybe one of the greatest salesman in the world ;-) 

Take inventory and let go of what’s not working. Make room for the good that wants to come into your life. 

Meditate and connect with something greater than yourself daily


Lots of letting go of STUFF! Feels so good!



And if you haven’t read Florence Shinn’s The Game of Life and How to Play It, download a free pdf of it.  

HEADS UP: Overlook the religiosity of her language! Florence was way ahead of her time as the only woman Metaphysician in 1925 and it was the times. Instead, as you read, feel the deep remembrance of the truth of who you are - how powerful you are at manifesting. Feel that pillar of your truth run through your body. 


Step into that now and do what you came here to do -  change the world.  


Take the big leap. Do that which you never thought you would or could ever do -  like drive across the country as a single woman with a cute little dog whose good for looking cute, and keeping me present. Not so much for protection. 🐶


This is your life and this ain’t no dress rehearsal-it’s showtime!   


Rosie and I have been on beautiful hikes already. We even saw a bear and her 2 cubs who was crossing the road and stopped traffic! 


All the relentless work of moving is enough to cause anyone to just settle. But it's all going to be worth it. I already feel the positive energy welling up as I meet people and find new ways to play this game of life. 


Craggy Pinnacle Trail, Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville, North Carolina



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