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“Branding is the process of connecting language that lands with smart strategy and a captivating visual experience.”  - Lee Aldridge

Soul Story Creative specializes in Brand Communications and Visual Brand Development.  

When leaders use messaging that confuses their team and their prospects, they lose.

Instead generate real results by first building a clear, cohesive, and consistent brand message.

With the Soul Story Brand proven process, your organization will:

  • create content more efficiently,
  • improve and maintain brand consistency, and
  • be nimble to drive marketing experimentation. 


We are no-nonsense, crazy creative, and brand strategy smart. 





 We don't tell you who to be.  

We show the world who you are. 


Every step of the way you are guided with expertise and thoroughness to your authentic, clear, and cohesive brand story.


Founder, Brand Strategist and Communications Specialist 

Lee Aldridge is a conscious kick-ass Brand Strategist who’s passionate about building creative brands for amazing people. She helps change makers, conscious entrepreneurs, and transformational leaders leverage their expertise to create profitable, purpose-driven brands that are aligned with their values, personality, and passions.

With her savvy intuition, and her innate business and marketing ingenuity, Lee is the life force behind making brands that stand true and stand out. She’s committed to helping clients express themselves authentically & spread their message confidently, and consistently to gain visibility, increase revenue, and make a bigger impact.  


Copywriter, Brand Strategist, Video Storyteller

As a skilled copywriter, media specialist, and brand strategist, Jeff brings much more than just words to your messaging. 

Jeff brings depth and richness to what he creates for his clients.

Storytelling with words and video is an art, and Jeff has a gift of creating a compelling narrative that moves audiences and causes them to act. 

Combining his intellect with intuition, Jeff helps business owners express their true message across all of your channels through words, video, and music. 

Our Stellar Network of Professionals


Experts in their field

From SEO to Digital Marketing, Operations and engineering the best Customer Service Center, we can help you with all of your brand strategy, communications, and implementation needs.

Our entire team is here to make you successful!

 Soul Story Creative, helping your organization make branding, marketing, and content operations be more efficient and profitable


"Just tell a better story. That's it. And you do that by starting at the beginning." - Lee Aldridge


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