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‚ÄúBranding is the process of connecting the story of your ideal customer¬†with¬†smart strategy and a captivating experience.‚Ä̬†

- Lee Aldridge

"I had no idea how I was going to make my business work - still struggling after 3 years. After going through Lee’s program, I have seen a 100% increase in revenue in less than 2 years! The best thing is now I’ve realized my dream of opening a thriving wellness center!" 

- Dannielle Bryan, ShamanicTwist.com

Brand Strategy is The Key

Spending money on tactics without strategy is doomed.

Because it's not in the tactics.

It's in a brilliantly crafted brand story where your marketing tactics come alive. 

Your message gets in front of the right people and it lights them up.

Meet Lee Aldridge

Founder, Fractional CMO, Brand Strategist and Messaging Expert 

With her savvy intuition, and her innate business and marketing ingenuity, Lee is the life force behind making brands that stand true and stand out.

By focusing on her proven strategic approach and a foundation of deep alignment and clarity, marketing tactics are more effective and easier to deploy.

Brands get clear and understand the story they have to tell deeply so that customers will relate to them instantly and want to talk to them. 

As Fractional CMO, Lee is a skilled marketing strategist brought into an organization part-time to help set up strategic direction, clear messaging, and orchestrate marketing implementation using internal and external resources.


Our Stellar Network of Professionals


 Experts in their field.

After finalizing your Brand Story & Marketing Strategy, our team of experienced specialists will assist you in executing your brand's online presence by utilizing relevant innovations, AI tools, and state-of-the-art platforms tailored to your company's needs.


My trusted team is here to make you successful.

 We help growth companies get the attention of their audience while spending less time creating marketing collateral.


"If you don't differentiate yourself, and tell a unique story, you will not stand out." - Lee Aldridge 


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Spotlight Case Study

Herencia Landscaping, Los Angeles, CA 






Meet Alejandra & Jon Aviná 


Herencia Landscaping

The Herencia Family is more than just another landscape company - they are a family that has been creating outdoor spaces for generations. 

When Ale's dad passed away unexpectedly, she and Jon inherited the business. While they had both been working in the business, they now had the responsibility of the family legacy.

And they had bigger ideas go beyond home lawn maintenance to expand into creating outdoor spaces to honor her dad's love of outdoor family times, while also improving the value of a homeowner's investment. 

But they had no idea how to make it happen. 

Their Results

Ale and Jon have taken their brand story to market.

In a year, since they launched, they have grown their visibility and their revenue. 

The SEO keywords integrated into their website copy bring them new leads daily.

Their Instagram strategy is paying off as they are becoming known as Southern California's premier landscaping and design company. 

Their family legacy is flourishing. 

Is it time you take a strategy first approach?


With Lee as your expert Brand Strategist and Marketing Consultant, every step of the way, you have your own "marketing department" to stay nimble and respond to market trends quickly and easily. 


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