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Our PRIVATE business & brand strategy program. Custom-designed communications strategies for personal brands & thought leaders.

Increase revenue, attract new opportunities, and move your audience to action.


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We don't tell you who to be. We show the world who you are.

You should be leading, not worrying about...

  • your messaging & brand being disjointed and confusing 

  • lost revenue & opportunities

  • losing credibility in the marketplace 

  • the inability to respond quickly to the market changes

  • wasting time reinventing content & collateral 

You deserve a business that works for you.  

For over a decade, we've helped business leaders get their businesses running smoothly so they can make the impact they came here to make.

With our hallmark process, growing your business becomes a joy.

And your marketing becomes so much easier. 

Feel empowered, stand out, and make the impact you came here to make.


What We Offer


Brand Story, Power Positioning, Client Clarity, Messaging, Offers & Naming


Visual Perception & Brand Design, Logo Development, Colors, Typography


Customer Experience driven Design, Copywriting, Funnels, Imagery, Video

Lynn Thomas

Founder of Eagala and Arenas for Change

"The Brand Story & Content Library offers all the compelling language we need to create our content! There are so many choices and so many ways to use it. It has the flexibility for our members to maintain uniqueness in their messaging, in their practices, while maintaining a consistent brand message globally. It’s brilliant!"

Carmell Clark

Founder of LifeArtist™ and

"Lee's process honed in on my clear, cohesive, and compelling brand message. Now my team and I don't have to reinvent the wheel over and over again to get people to understand us and what we offer. 

I  have accelerated my own business growth and profitability even quickly than I thought possible!"

Diana M. Needham

The Book Shepherd at

"Lee’s knowledge and insightful processes - to pull out the key messages, and the WHY I do what I do - are both masterful and nurturing, bringing not only clarity but huge relief that finally my message was clear and beautifully expressed, both visually and with words.

The results are nothing short of stunning!"

Dannielle Bryan

Founder of

"In just two short years, I have quadrupled my revenue and have opened my Shamanic Twist Wellness Retreat Center.

I couldn't have done this without the content and marketing plan Lee and her team built for me. My marketing is so easy now and I love my website!

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Brand strategy fixes problems like:

  • wasting your marketing budget jumping from tactic to tactic 
  • unclear and disjointed messaging 
  • lack of credibility and authority

Instead, first build a clear and cohesive message that your team can communicate and your audience can understand.

A message that positions you as the thought leader you are, and increases your bottom line.

Then your stunning high-functioning website offers a captivating experience for your visitors that engages and converts. 

3 Steps to Your Soul Story Brand

Investments beginning at $7700, depending on complexity of the project.

Still not sure?

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Let's see where your gaps are and what makes the most sense for you. 

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