Conscious Business Roadmap

Your distinct and authentic business, built module by module, in the right order, and phased in as your budget allows. 

Authentic Business

Align with your innate superpower and stand out. Be memorable. 


Power Positioning

Build compelling content for the correct audience that builds trust instantly.  

Smart Marketing

Go-to-market intelligently with conscious content.

In 2023, it was reported that 50% of businesses fail by the 5th year.  

It's easy to get discouraged when the only marketing being offered 

is expensive, confusing, and doesn't deliver the results you expect. 

The logical conclusion for many frustrated people is:

  • I'm tired of wasting money with poor results

  • The tools just don‚Äôt work for me

  • It just feels hard -¬†there is so much to deal with

 And here's the good news!


The latest studies show that ...

  • 83%¬†of buyers award instant trust through shared values.

  • ¬†82%¬†of buyers decide based on a business's¬†authentic¬†brand image.

  • ¬†92%¬†of buyers want brands to make their marketing feel like a story.¬†

 This makes for a divine scenario for those who have a big message to share. 

Why is it divine?

Because we are the Rebels, the Change-Makers, the Humanitarians. 

Our path is not the usual. 

We see things differently.

We have generous hearts and a big idea.

We have a role to do good in the world. 


And we need a different approach...

We've got to go rogue. 

"In just two short years, I have quadrupled my revenue and have opened my Shamanic Twist Wellness Retreat Center.

I couldn't have done this without our brand story content library and marketing plan Lee and her team built for me. My marketing is so easy now and I love my website! Business is booming in 2024!" - Dannielle Bryan,

Say goodbye to wasting money on tools that don't work. 

Instead, follow a proven step-by-step process to build your business - in the correct order.  



The Soul Story Business Roadmap 

5 Modules Total

Start with Module 1 & progress in order, at your own pace & budget.
* Each module comes with one business strategy call with Lee.

Your Authentic Soul Story

Work through this foundational module, and you emerge your authentic soul story, and come into sweet alignment with your business. 
Everyone has a unique story worth sharing. Come into alignment with your true self and receive clear direction.  Create resonance with your ideal clients and draw them to you.
This embodies the essence of business & brand development, combining the power of your intellect and the clarity of your heart.


  • 1 Strategy Call with Lee
  • About Page Banner Copy¬†

Stand Out Power Positioning

Standing out is crucial in today's digital landscape with over 6 billion websites.
Power Positioning is key.  This cost-effective marketing tactic leverages your thought leadership to pull in your ideal clients.
It ensures visibility in an oversaturated market,  making AI tools easier and more effective saving time and money. 
Feel confident and be equipped to go to market intelligently. 


  • 1 Strategy Call with Lee
  • Homepage Banner Copy¬†
BUY MODULE 2: $444

Your Resonant Ideal Client

Stand out by attracting those who align with you and your services. Trying to appeal to everyone leads to an inability to create the right offer.
The key to effective marketing lies in defining your target audience clearly. 
In this module, you'll pinpoint your ideal niche of clients, enabling you to communicate with them effectively.
This approach will capture their attention and motivate them to collaborate with you. 
Define your niche by understanding who you naturally serve best and tailor your offers based on their needs and desires.
  • (1) Strategy Call with Lee
  • Homepage¬†Full Copy
  • About Page¬†Full Copy
  • ¬†(below the banner)

Delivered in Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint Format for easy application and sharing. 

BUY MODULE 3: $444

Build Your Content Library

Using your work from the first three modules, build your library of phrases, taglines, and messaging including your:
  1. Brand Promise
  2. Value Proposition
  3. Soul Message
  4. Soul Power Statement
  5. Your ideal client avatar description, their problems, and their desired outcome.    
Your Content Library is a reference for creating all your marketing content.
This ensures consistency across various platforms such as your website, social media posts, videos, webinars, presentations, and more. Establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field.


  • (1) Call with Lee to build your Soul Power Statement - your¬†key messaging paragraph you will use everywhere, for everything!¬†
BUY MODULE 4: $444

Story Copywriting

Discover how to leverage your Soul Story Content Library to effortlessly, powerfully, and efficiently build marketing materials.
This module teaches you how to maximize the impact of your content library and provides a simple formula for crafting attention-grabbing marketing content.
Confidently whip out a video script or write a workshop. Build flyers, blogs, website copy, emails, and anything else.
  • Learn an easy way of copywriting that puts you in control of your marketing
  • Save tons of money
  • Dramatically improve how you connect with your clients, influencers, and donors.¬†
If you struggle to get new leads and how to communicate,¬†this module holds¬†the keys to writing content that connects, makes¬†ChatGPT work great for you ūüí•


  • (1)¬†Call with Lee: Together, we will build a¬†piece of content using your new¬†content library.
BUY MODULE 5: $444

Each module is $444.

The number of healing, transformation, evolution, revolution, and up-leveling. 

Take a spiritual approach to marketing and be ready for the changes ahead. 


For a limited time, purchase all 5 Modules for $2000.

Buy All 5 Modules Now

I am a no-nonsense, intuitive business strategist and marketing expert. For over 15 years, I have helped B2B consultants, coaches and service providers build stand out brands and businesses that win market share. 
When you emerge your distinction and bring your message, business model, and marketing strategies into alignment with the truth of who you are, you pull in your ideal clients. 
Everyone has a unique story that is worth sharing with those people who need you right now. Isn't it time to let them know where you are? 

 Who is the Roadmap For? 

This will be great for you if you...

  1. Are a business owner who has a vision for their business -- you just need a way to communicate clearly how you can help the people you serve.
  2. Care that your business is authentic and true to your inner brilliance so that you can put yourself out there with confidence.
  3. Are willing to work collaboratively, answer challenging questions, and make decisions.
  4. Want to attract clients you love to work with and who can pay you.
  5. Value your time - so you engage experts to work in their brilliance while you focus on yours.
  6. Are hungry to make your mark because you know your time is NOW! 

This won't work for you if you...

  1. Allow fear to drive your decisions in your business.
  2. Are not willing to bring YOU to the project.  This is a collaborative process - in other words, you get out what you put in.
  3. Are not comfortable with doing business in a digital world.
  4. Are a complainer and don't actively seek out solutions. 
  5. Over-analyze and second guess every decision you make.
  6. Don’t believe that having a clear message is important.
  7. Have no desire to make more money. 
  8. Could care less about making a contribution to the world.

Next Steps

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


"My messaging is so good that people are finding us organically!

I am already getting inquiries through my website just by wireframing it."    
- Amber Power

"Lee shared a solid recipe for story copywriting & getting new leads.

I can use all this in future marketing materials. Such informative and helpful classes. Love, love it all!"   
- Leah Alsbro

"You taught me a whole new language, but at the same time how systematic it is.

I had no idea how to market my business and wasn’t getting any new leads. I felt discouraged. Now I know how to attract clients, how everything is connected, and what I am truly selling. Now I feel confident and I am getting inquiries through my website!    
- Nik Lewis

"I am excited about my business like never before! 

I was struggling with getting new sales. I felt frustrated because nothing was working. This roadmap helped me get clear on my offer, the core problem I solve, and to stop hiding.
I’ve learned how to connect with my audience in a completely different way.
- Carey Khan

"What a huge relief! I finally feel equipped to clearly articulate my offer! 

My content library makes it easier to get clients and sell my offer. Now when write stuff it’s easier to talk about, and I am confident talking about what I do. This has led to new revenue and clients. I feel really excited about genuinely making a difference!" 
- Nia Pommerenke

"I am very fortunate to have had this available to me and at a price that is worth 5 times as much!

Lee is incredibly talented and passionate about business strategy.
I feel like I have an edge that will carry me for years!"  
   - Michelle Seminoff

"The roadmap you shared has made an overwhelming task much more manageable!


Thank you, thank you! Having a content library for my business has taken so much stress off and I feel confident in moving forward."  
- Karine Stevenson

"By the end of the roadmap, with my content library, I had my website up and running in no time!

All I had to do was follow the template and copy and paste from my content library!  I also put in a way to capture new leads! I feel great!"  
- Karen Cahill
"I feel more prepared and confident in marketing our equine-assisted psychotherapy business.
Thank you Lee and all the coaches for this informative and insightful course.  You all have a wonderful, easy way of building confidence in your students and organizing the class into practical steps that are doable that foster success."
- A Happy Student
"I have gotten clear on who I really want to work with. I've found a name for my company that feels organic and authentic for who I am. I also am learning to focus on the client and not promote myself. This has helped me not only in building my new website, but also in talking with people during the discovery call with my clients."
- A Happy Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Build a business that is full of soul and divinely led.

  • Discover your soul purpose¬†and wrap a revenue stream around¬†that.¬†¬†

  • Feel alive living in alignment¬†with the unique abilities that you were born with.¬†¬†

  • Take inspired action¬†that is correct¬†for you.¬†

  • No more¬†feeling salesly¬†in your marketing.¬†

When you are truly aligned to your purpose and have a clear cohesive message to share, you become recognizable, memorable & unstoppable.

You can't read your own label when you're inside the jar. 

So stop confusing your prospects and let's build a smart authentic business with compelling content so you can gain traction right out of the gate.

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