The Journey to Soul Story Creative: A Tale of Horses and Healing

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Seven years ago, I embarked on a journey that would change my life in ways I never anticipated. It was a journey that led me to the heart of equine beauty and wisdom, where I found solace, healing, and an unexpected career path. This is my story of how horses profoundly touched my life and led me to a community of remarkable individuals dedicated to healing and personal development.



In 2016, I launched Soul Story Creative, an initiative born out of my passion for storytelling and a desire to inspire others. My inaugural talk was a powerful blend of truth and authentic expression in your brand, resonating deeply with an audience of over a hundred passionate women leaders and a few good men.

Their laughter, tears, and engagement during my 55-minute presentation confirmed the impact of my message, along with the flock of women who gathered around me after my talk to connect with me. The first time I'd stepped up and out to go on stage and have such a warm and happy welcome was glorious! 



However, just days after this high, I was blindsided by distressing news. Overwhelmed with emotion, I found myself running through my neighborhood, tears streaming down my face. My route took me past a familiar landscape – a path winding behind our area, skirting a farm now bordered by cookie-cutter suburban homes. This land, with its updated ranch-style house, spoke of a bygone era, its fields now parceled to accommodate urban sprawl. Yet, the remnants of its pastoral past lingered, offering a glimpse into a world where nature and nurture intertwined.

As I rounded a corner, my breath caught at the sight before me: a herd of 11 horses, majestic and serene, grazing just beyond the fence. In that moment of acute emotional vulnerability, their presence was like a portal to another realm. The beauty and power of these creatures enveloped me, offering solace and a sense of connection that I desperately needed.

Over the next two years, my bond with these horses deepened. I spent countless hours in their company, often without realizing that I was experiencing equine-assisted therapy. The horses, each with their unique personality, became a source of comfort and learning. 



Minerva, a little pony with a distinctive thunderbolt mark on her forehead, was especially dear to me. Observing and interacting with her and the rest of the herd, I learned about their behaviors, their responses to my presence, and the subtle ways they communicated.



One evening, under the captivating glow of a Utah sunset, I experienced a moment of magic. As I stood there, arms outstretched, swaying gently, to unwind from all the computer work of the day, and all the while intentionally, with open heart, sent them love. So much love. 

As I continued in that gorgeous summer Utah evening , it was as if the herd felt me.  Because the entire herd, all 13 of them, looked up from their grazing and stared at me. I thought they figured I was a spectacle - a crazy human doing weird things with her body. 



But what happened next shocked me! 

With my arms outstretched and moving in back and forth, they all galloped towards me! It was an exhilarating connection, a clear sign of the trust and bond we had formed. I believe we connected intuitively and they were coming to me to give me love back. 


(I didn’t capture a photo of the horses running towards me because I was fully present in the moment. Just imagine them lined up, facing you and running towards you ;-) 



In 2017, as the sun set on another day of companionship with the horses, I was unaware that it would be the last time I'd see them in my yard. YOu see, the horses were moved to this pasture only in summer to have plenty of room from the rest of their herd to have their babies. My life took on a new direction with an unexpected move to the Denver area May 2018.



In 2020, with the memories of my ponies still nestled warmly in my heart, and merely two years after bidding farewell to my backyard herd, I embraced a new chapter as the marketing director for a global nonprofit organization that certifies practitioners in equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal development.

The transition was unexpected yet serendipitous, reaffirming that my journey with horses was far from over. Stepping into this role, I was welcomed into an extraordinary community of horse people—dedicated professionals who champion profound healing and growth, harnessing the gentle power of horses to transform lives.

These individuals, committed to their cause and the well-being of the horses, create environments where miraculous transformations occur. Whether in psychotherapy sessions with mental health professionals or in learning programs, the equine-assisted approach has proven to be incredibly effective. Horses, with their innate sensitivity and alertness as prey animals, possess a unique ability to connect and communicate with humans, making them perfect partners in the healing process. These sessions are done entirely on the ground, in the pasture with the horses, and facilitated by professionals. (You can find an equine-assisted practitioner in your area through Arenas for Change. )



The journey with horses has also been personal. Just recently, my friend and client, Amanda Graham of Unbridled Way Forward, had to say goodbye to her beloved horse, Gator, who was over 30 years old.



The bond between humans and horses is profound, and the loss is deeply felt. While I manage my life with Rosie, my mini golden doodle, I am in awe of the dedication and love horse people show. These people take on immense responsibilities and form deep connections with these majestic animals, proving their commitment and love time and again. Acres for Life is one of the world's top equine-assisted programs and serves over 100 people a week! I am in awe of them, their teams, and herds. 

My journey through Soul Story Creative and into the world of equine-assisted therapy has been a transformative experience. It has taught me about resilience, connection, and the healing power of nature. The horse people I've met along the way are not just caretakers of these magnificent creatures; they are stewards of a profound legacy of healing and growth. Their work and dedication inspire me daily, and for that, I am eternally grateful. My heart goes out to these unsung heroes who, with every gentle touch and whispered word, bring light and healing into our world. Thank you, horse people, for everything you do. You are truly special, and your impact resonates far beyond the paddocks and pastures where you work.



Throughout my journey with Soul Story Creative and the enchanting world of horses, I've encountered numerous moments of hardship, struggle, and emotional setbacks. Yet, each obstacle presented a noble challenge, a learning opportunity that not only aided my personal growth but also allowed me to contribute more meaningfully to my community and family. 

This realization echoes the sentiment that every experience, no matter how daunting, carries a purpose larger than ourselves. Our interactions, even the seemingly minor ones, are threads in the vast tapestry of life, weaving a society that reflects our collective actions and values.

In the presence of the horses, I found a profound interconnectedness with all living beings, an undeniable reminder of our shared journey on this planet. Each step taken, every gentle gesture exchanged with these majestic creatures, reinforced the idea that our actions, however small, are significant. They contribute to the societal fabric, setting a precedent for its current state and future direction. This perspective became especially clear during those long hours spent with the herd, where every observation and interaction felt like a vital piece of a larger, more meaningful puzzle.




The struggles of getting through tough days, much like the emotional turmoil I felt during my initial encounter with the horses, can be reframed as important, noble work. This shift in perception allows us to release the negative energy we often cling to, mistakenly believing it shields us. 

By embracing a positive and optimistic outlook, and finding gratitude and acceptance in our circumstances, we let go of anger and discontent. This release not only lightens our emotional burden but also paves the way for contentment and joy in our journey toward personal and professional goals.

With the horses, I learned to love each moment, recognizing that in doing so, I was letting go of unnecessary burdens. This transformation was mirrored in my work with Soul Story Creative, where the struggles and late nights became sources of pleasure and fulfillment, infused with a newfound hope and optimism.

 The journey taught me to constantly reassess my mental narrative, the self-talk that can immobilize us, seeking out love and acceptance in every situation, and focusing on the positive aspects rather than being consumed by negativity.

My experiences with the horses were not just about healing from a personal setback; they were a gateway to incredible self-awareness and ongoing growth. Soul Story Creative has become my beloved partner in this journey, always providing the support and space I need to heal and flourish. Together, we navigate the challenges and joys of life, driven by a deep understanding that every action, every moment of connection, is a step towards building a more compassionate and understanding society.




In embracing the lessons learned through my experiences with Soul Story Creative and the horses, I've come to understand that life itself can be a form of meditation.

Meditation teaches us to focus on the present, to be aware of our breath, and to gently guide our attention back when our thoughts wander. Similarly, by making life a meditation, we transform our daily experiences into a continuous flow of peace, gratitude, love, and joy.



When we are fully present and give our undivided attention to the task at hand, we not only perform better but also appreciate the richness of each moment. This heightened awareness allows us to perceive the subtleties and layered meanings in our activities, whether we are engaged in physical work or planning our business strategies. Such mindfulness enables us to see beyond the surface, expanding our understanding and enhancing our connection with the world around us.

This philosophy aligns with one of nature's fundamental laws: contentment with what is leads to the abundance of what can be. By flowing with the universe rather than resisting it, we open ourselves to the vast possibilities that life offers. This means being receptive to the cues and directions provided by our environment, allowing us to adapt and align with the universe's guidance. It encourages us to explore avenues that may be more suited to our true calling, even if they differ from our initial aspirations.



Radical acceptance, or the practice of embracing every aspect of our experiences, including challenges and adversities, can be a powerful tool in this journey. By learning to love what we find difficult, we transcend our limitations and discover a profound sense of unity and purpose. Historical figures like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. exemplify this approach, showing us that even the greatest obstacles can be met with love and perseverance.


The journey of personal and professional growth, mirrored in the nurturing environment of equine-assisted therapy, teaches us to love the entirety of our experiences—the good and the bad. Every moment offers a choice, and by following our instincts toward love and peace, we find our true path. 

Letting go of anger and embracing love not only feels liberating but also aligns us with our deepest potential. In this way, life becomes not just a series of events, but a meaningful meditation, a journey of continuous discovery and joy.

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May your journey be filled with grace and blessings. Much love, Lee


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