Stand Out & Become Known

For established companies who want to bust through & become known as the go-to expert in their industry while also lowering costs.


Stand Out & Become Known

For companies who want to become known as the go-to expert in their industry while also lowering costs.


Authentic, Strategic Brand Story & Content Development

Because success is not in the tactics. 

Free Up Time

Lower Costs

Increase Revenue

Are you a mission-driven business that has a big message to share and that struggles with being invisible in an oversaturated marketplace? 


And, as a result, you don’t have the customers or the revenue that you need to grow and flourish? 


Then we need to talk. 

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When your marketing isn’t working, the problem isn’t your emails, blog, or what you are posting.  

It's your message. 

There’s always confusion between what you think you’re saying and how it’s being heard.


 When you broadcast a confusing message, 

no amount of marketing dollars will fix that. 


  • Putting more content out won't cut it. 

  • Throwing money at paid ads won't work. 

  •  And it's not an issue of consistency. 


 It’s the content, your message.  


What you need to focus on first is your messaging and brand strategy.

Then build a streamlined system for your marketing, and bring in qualified leads regularly with offers that appeal to them. 

It's a no-brainer. 

It's really all about Brand Strategy + Authentic Messaging + Conscious Marketing.


The secret to growing a thriving company. 


Win back your time and your sanity.

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People Want Authenticity

"82% of buyers decide based on an authentic brand image.
(Zippia, 2023)

Shared Values = Instant Trust

"83% of buyers award instant trust through shared values.

(Zippia, 2023)

Use Story Copywriting

"92% of buyers want marketing to feel like a story.

(Zippia, 2023)

How We Can Help

Soul Story Creative Impact Brand

For established companies who want to uplevel.
With a strategy focus, this full-service brand program offers a clear path to bringing your vision and goals to fruition. Experience the freedom of clarity in your business, streamlined systems, done for you. 
Learn more

90 Day Founder's Focus

For Founders Leaders struggling to keep up and get traction. 
Hone in, make a plan, and work in your zone of genius where all is in order and moving in the right direction. Tailored to what you need to make happen in the next 3 months. What a relief to know your actions are moving the needle.
Learn more

Michelle Black

Elegrow Solutions

"When I engaged Lee, we were losing contracts and had no pipeline.
Having gone through the Soul Story Brand process, I relaunched in a powerful way, securing two large long-term contracts for my CARE program within a few weeks.
I love knowing I can pitch to investors now with confidence and power.

Kathy Magnusson

Wildewood Learning Consulting

"I felt frustrated and was at a stand still in my business. I had no idea what to do.

Lee has great ideas, and a process that worked. She took the time to understand my vision for my business.
When I need to create a workshop or keynote talk, I simply go to my Brand Story Library & pull the copy I need. Now I’m booked out for the year with conference talks!"

John E. Bugg

JEBCO Weather Defense, Jacksonville, FL.

"I appreciated that Lee focused on strategy."


We had hit a growth ceiling and I knew we needed to rebrand the website.  
But we got so much more than a good-looking website. We now have a smooth-running marketing machine that integrates well with our CRM. And we have new qualified leads to follow up on daily!"  

Mary Christa Smith

Conscious Coalitions Consulting, Park City, UT

"What a huge relief! Thank you for helping me clarify our work."


I felt supported and expertly led with Lee’s brand guide process that pulls out the gold-my distinction. Now it is easier to sell my offer, and I am more aligned with why I’m doing what I’m doing. 
I use my brand guide daily. My marketing is so much easier now. We are finally getting traction!"
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Why Me?

I am a no-nonsense, brand strategist and business communications expert. 


 You can't undo a first impression. Make sure your outward representation to the world is authentic and your marketing strategy is aligned with your company values and your business goals. 
For over a decade, I have collaborated with teams, personal brands, and businesses to emerge their unique, stand-out brand, with a smart marketing strategy that allows you to broadcast a clear, cohesive, and consistent message. Build a brand that is natural to you, and intentionally designed to save time and money.  Learn more ...

Turn your unwieldy business into a streamlined marketing machine that works for you and your team.   


"Within three months, we got over 2000 new qualified leads with Lee's strategy!" - Lynn Thomas, Arenas for Change

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How It Works

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No more wasting time and money. You've got momentum now.  

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