Are you ready to feel good

about your life and business?

Are you ready to feel good

about your life and business?

Having a hard time monetizing your passion or figuring out your brilliance?


The KEY is to find your


The perfect balance of what you’re good at and what people will pay you for.

Do you need help identifying yours?


Grab a phone and call me!

“ I’ve been looking for a program that will actually give me the right language so that people really understand what I’m doing.  It’s the clarity I needed.  In the words, in my marketing and in how to move forward.  I have all that and more now!  So thrilled!” 

Erika Winterton



The Kick-Ass Brand Program

Monetize Your Superpower

You have a story to tell. When your truth and vision are embraced without filters or distractions, it changes the world.

At Soul Story Creative, we don’t tell you who to be.

We show others who you are.

Our joy is to see you stand out and naturally attract the people seeking the solution you were born to share.

This kind of magnetism happens without you even saying a word.    And that is the power of your Soul Story Brand™.


We tell your story in a whole new way.

Suzette Foster
❝ Lee went over and above my expectations every step of the way. Her team, under her leadership for this whole process—branding, creating a new logo and website development and Soul Story Film was fabulous. She truly cares about my success. I really appreciated her creative genius, business ingenuity, and spiritual connection.❞


Suzette Faith Foster

This Age of Infobesity bombards us every day with new strategies.

Maybe you’ve spent money on a website and it’s not bringing you the leads like you expected.

Maybe you tried Facebook Live to do the trick and get you lots of good leads.

Or maybe that speech you put so much sweat and tears into isn’t producing like it should be.


Honor the voice of your heart.


Find your Superpower and get clear on your message.

Feel in total and complete alignment with your business.

Streamline your marketing to build momentum.

Create an awesome experience for them when they engage with your brand.



Discover your SUPERPOWER!

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Discover your SUPERPOWER!

Let's Chat