Communication strategies for social impact companies that increase revenue, attract new opportunities, and move your audience to action.


Communication strategies for social impact companies that increase revenue, attract new opportunities, and move your audience to action.





Stand Out

Increase Revenue

Become Known

You have a big vision.

Whether it's for your company, your non-profit, or your own platform, a clear, cohesive, and consistent message is the key.

We don't tell you who to be. We show the world who you are.

- Lee Aldridge

It's frustrating to realize...

  • you're losing trust in the marketplace 
  • you've got a disjointed and confusing brand message
  • you're losing revenue & opportunities
  • you're wasting time and money overseeing the team
  • you can’t respond quickly to the market changes

Power Positioning Gains Influence 

With the right language in front of your ideal audience, you are set on the path to becoming a highly-sought after expert in your industry.

Unify your team, raise awareness, and finally get momentum.

Imagine if you...

  • were respected as a thought leader & gained influence in your industry
  • had a resonant message that is aligned with your company’s values
  • could create content more efficiently
  • increased your company revenue by 30% this year and every year after 
  •  had a collaborative, inspiring, and innovative work culture for your team...

"Brands that are consistent in their message across all channels can expect up to 33% increase in revenue year over year."

Forbes, 2020

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It's hard to know where you are on the 'brand spectrum', what's missing, what's not working.

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Michelle Black

Elegrow Solutions

"When I engaged Lee, we were losing contracts and had no pipeline.

Having gone through the Soul Story Brand process, I relaunched in a powerful way, securing two large long-term contracts for my CARE program within a few weeks.

I love knowing I can pitch to investors now with confidence and power.

Kathy Magnusson

Wildewood Learning Consulting

"I felt frustrated and was at a stand still in my business. I had no idea what to do.

Lee has great ideas, and a process that worked. She took the time to understand my vision for my business.

When I need to create a workshop or keynote talk, I simply go to my Brand Story Library & pull the copy I need. Now I’m booked out for the year with conference talks!"

Erika Winterton

Erika Winterton Coaching

I’ve been looking for a program that will actually give me the right language so that people really understand what I’m doing.  It’s the clarity I needed. 

In the words, in my marketing and in how to move forward.  I have all that and more now!  So thrilled!

Mary Christa Smith

Communities That Care Director, Park City, UT

I reviewed our Soul Story Brand Guide and it feels aligned, resonant, bright.

I love it and can see how my marketing will be so much easier now. We can finally get traction!

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Build a clear and cohesive message first, and enjoy...

  • more revenue, more impact
  • faster response to market trends
  • your team broadcasting the same message
  • gain trust & respect faster with your prospects and your team 
  • win influence with your stakeholders

"You can't read your own label from inside the jar."

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