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"I’ve been looking for a program that will actually give me the right language so that people really understand what I’m doing. It’s the clarity I needed. In the words, in my marketing and in how to move forward. I have all that and more now! So thrilled!"

Erika Winterton,

"I reviewed our Soul Story Brand Guide and it feels aligned, resonant, bright. I love it and can see how my marketing will be so much easier now. We can finally get traction! "

Mary Christa Smith
Communities That Care Director, Park City, UT

"I felt very frustrated and lost in knowing my next steps in creating a brand. Lee helped me discover and develop my personal brand, by going deep and doing real self awareness and spiritual inventory which brings tremendous value. I feel like many overlook this critical part, but it is key to stand out in a noisy industry. Lee comes from a genuine authentic place and she truly wants to see you succeed. She goes above and beyond to make sure your goals are truly met. "

Dawaun Butterfield
Buttawear Sneakers, Launching soon

"I felt frustrated and was at a stand still in my business. I wasn't clear on my message and I didn't know how to let parents, teens, and teachers know what I was about. I had no idea what to do. Lee is generous and I felt heard and seen. I enjoyed her energy & enthusiasm. Lee has great ideas, and a process that worked. She took the time to understand my vision for my business. Now, when I need to write a blog post, create a workshop or keynote talk, it is so much easier! I simply go to my brand guide and pull out the copy I need for the project. Now I’m booked out for the year with conference talks! "

Kathy Magnusson
Wildewood Learning Consulting
Let’s pull back the curtain a minute…
Being an entrepreneur is wild, wonderful, and at times, overwhelming. It can be hard to know how to monetize your idea and get noticed.
But to be wildly successful, you must have marketing content that gets real results.
Tap into the FLOW of marketing made easy, taking strategic action that makes sense, and make the CONTRIBUTION and the REVENUE you came here to make. 
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Stop reinventing the wheel every time you need to create a new piece of marketing copy.

Build momentum, move forward with confidence, build a business that gets results.


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Stand out & make your mark. Your vision becomes a reality. Emerge your authentic brand identity and business plan that works for you. 

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Boost your business. In this small group mastermind, learn simple, powerful tools to manifest your dream life into being. 

Marketing & Visibility Coaching


A visibility & marketing coach will help you build momentum, set up smart marketing and deal with whatever is holding you back from being the leader you are. 

If you are ready for a business that flows and content that gets resultslet's hop on Zoom and see what's possible for you.  
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