Podcast: Elatia Abate, The Future of Now

conscious business podcast thought leadership Oct 29, 2021


"When we make burned out, unengaged teams finish through force, we lose out on an opportunity to actually produce much more interesting and positive outcomes." - Elatia Abate


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The Future of Now


Elatia Abate is a force of insight, inspiration, and innovation.
Empowering success for business leaders in the face of great uncertainty and In the broader context is a tough one.  
We’ve never been here. 
And this is definitely not anything Elatia would ever back down from.  Why?  Because she got the guts, the gumption and the plan to move us all forward into our destiny. 
Sustainable, regenerative, and oh so empowering. 
Sit up straight, and get ready to be activated into the future of now leadership that moves people to action.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What it takes to thrive in uncertainty
  • The price of resistance to change
  • The answer the pandemic brought out in us
  • What cellular biology can teach us about solving today's issues
  • A story of discovery about the future of work in an age of uncertainty

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