Your Reputation is on the Line

Sep 29, 2021

Studies show people make a judgement call on you in 1/10th of a second!

Isn't this something we all know as we hit Send or publish a large broadcast or our website?  

I cringe wondering...

"Am I conveying a clear cohesive messaging?"

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life and ran a successful Business and Portrait Photography studio for over 30 years telling stories with images. 

When I segued into brand storytelling a few years ago, it was a not so easy transition. 

 Branding is confusing, and marketing is messy. 

What I know for sure after the last decades of brand storytelling is that...

...story makes you stand out in this noisy marketplace in a way nothing else can.  

Whether you are attempting to raise money, build a team, speak at a conference, create content for your website, keynote talk, or to close a business deal, using a simple version of Joseph Campell's story arch allows you to be captivating, interesting, and informative to your customers.

Consider the customer journey, what they are dealing with, how you can help and what their life will be like having worked with you.

Now you've told your brand story!

Here are a few tips below to get you started on making a great first impression while creating some great content so you stand out (and make your marketing easier too)!

  1. Start your Story Bank. Make a list of stories to pull from when creating content. Success stories (and testimonials) about past clients, things you've learned during your years of work; stories that are relatable and help your prospects put themselves into the story and see how they too could be helped.
  1. State your brand promise clearly at the top banner image of your website. Say it in a way that your prospects will understand - don't use confusing jargon or big words that make you sound impressive. Speak to the problems your ideal clients experience, and the solution they want.
  1. Get updated professional brandiing photography. Use soft natural light; no flash or artificial light. Storytelling and real. Show them who you are.

 And that messy marketing and confusing branding? 

Stick with me - I've got your back ;-)

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