You are not the hero...

Sep 29, 2021

... your customer is!

A BIG mistake that companies make is positioning themselves to be the hero.

You have all this training, you have all these skills. You've helped so many people!

But here's the thing...

Your brand’s goal (the goal of your business itself) is to help your customer’s journey.

This is their journey and solving their problems is what you must be focused on.

You should be positioning yourself as the guide - and your customer as the hero.  

The world’s most successful brands use our natural understanding of story to sell their products.   

We are literally hard-wired for story.  

There is a common structure to all stories whether it's a children’s story or your favorite movies.

Companies in this new age of conscious business will do well to use this to their advantage.

It’s easy, it’s memorable, and most importantly it allows you to stand out with power positioning to those you are here to serve.

Here's how this structure works:  

  • In the story there is a hero who has a problem. 
  • In searching for the solution, the hero meets a guide who is an expert in solving this problem.
  • The guide sets the hero on a journey into action.  

The result? 

Well, it might be success or failure - depending on if the hero follows the guide’s plan. 

If they succeed, they are free to move forward having solved that problem to be the Hero in their own life or business. 

When you tell the story of your ideal customer’s struggles in an empathetic way, they get that you really understand them and their plight - and you know how to solve it. 

Told well, your hero will recognize you as their go-to person.

They will reward you for your deep understanding of their needs and desires. 

You will win them over.

Remember: your customer is only concerned with their journey and with finding someone to help them solve their problem.

They want to know that you understand their problem, and how to help them.

Here’s a little Brand Story Test: 

  • Take yourself to an empathic, meditative state and feel into the life of your ideal client. What are the problems they're experiencing? How does that make them feel?

  • Then go to your homepage.


  • Does the most prominent message I see show a clear understanding of my customer’s problem?

If the answer is "no," then you could be representing your brand as the hero and missing the most important opportunity to resonate with your visitors.

Update your website so that your content answers that questions with "Yes!"

Now, see what happens... ;-)

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