VideoCast: Accelerate Your Business, Quantum Style

authentic branding conscious business podcast quantum marketing resonance thought leadership May 17, 2023

"Who you ARE is your key to success. Discover and unlock your unique design and innate power and take a quantum leap in your business."




Join us monthly in this new podcast show as Lee Aldridge, Jarin Kenyon, and Greg Schumacher unpack:

  • Why discovering your true purpose makes your marketing easier
  • How to build a brand divinely led and powerful
  • Shortcuts that makes selling fun
  • Saving time, money and resources by living in alignment with your unique abilities & purpose
  • How feeling inspired and high vibe will light the way in wondrous ways 


A revolution in marketing and branding is happening now - right before our eyes. Change is accelerating at a breakneck speed. Gone are the days of the salaried employee, and entrepreneurs are on the rise.  


But with 90% of businesses failing, it’s easy to get discouraged when the only marketing being offered is expensive, confusing and doesn't deliver the results you expect. 


But what if there was another way? A way to be in such alignment with what you are doing in the world that it became easier?  That it became not just doable, but actually enjoyable? 


I’m delighted to announce the launch of my new podcast show, Accelerate Your Business Quantum Style Podcast with Jarin Kenyon and Greg Schumacher, our own powerhouse experts in Authentic Branding & Quantum Marketing, and co-hosts of Rise TV.

  • Lee guiding clients to express themselves authentically & spread their brand message confidently and consistently to gain visibility, increase revenue, and make a bigger impact.  
  • Jarin brings massive insight into your unique Cosmic Human Design, your true purpose, and how to maximize your manifestation power into your life and business.
  • Greg is a master visionary and motivator that ignites inspired action and powerful imagination out of you and your business. He walks you through the uncomfortable and unknown, to tap into the core of your Success channels, innate talents, and overall design.

Many things are collapsing and being re-innovated in a new age of human evolution and that includes the way we do marketing.   

When you are aligned and activated in your unique design, living your true purpose, and have a clear cohesive message to broadcast, your marketing goes quantum. 

Everything gets easier and way more fun ;-) 



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