Podcast: Wendy Burge, The Emotionally Intelligent Business

conscious business podcast spiritual marketing thought leadership Oct 29, 2021
"They don't really understand how to transform the experience from a cold transaction into a transformative long-term relationship and that's where people mess up marketing." - Wendy Burge






Everything is Changing - Transactional is Out


What are you truly passionate about?
Wendy opens this show with a fascinating story about a woman who held something so close to her heart for years, when finally she told Wendy what she had been hiding. 
 In fact, that's the message here - is step up to the potential you've always had and step into a way of doing business that is far richer and impactful than traditional marketing taught us. 
She shares the doorway into flow, to access the right decisions that are in the direction you want to go. 
How are we to move forward in a new age, in a way that brings sense to the chaos we see in business. Listen in as Wendy tells of her journey and her wisdom on creating real value for those you serve - and liberation from the broken 'what are you going to give me for it?" mentality. 

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The problem with corporate structure and why it's going away
  • How traditional marketing traumatizes people.
  • Where business coaching intersects with marketing tactic
  • Why "the transaction is the end" mentality doesn't cut it anymore and what to do instead
  • An exercise to uncover the exact ways to improve your offers

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