Podcast: Pete Moores, Get Radical, Get Funding for Tech Start Ups

conscious business storytelling thought leadership Jul 06, 2022


"There is a key element most Tech Startups skip, and it's costs them greatly." 





Pete Moores has spent over 22 years working at the intersection of science & technology, business, and funding. He’s driven by a core passion to create real-world benefits from new science and technology, not just publications that gather dust on shelves.


Pete founded PBM Consulting Ltd in September 2020 after nearly losing his life in a 50 mph car v.s. bicycle crash in January of that year. He emerged from his recovery stronger in mind, body, and spirit, with clarity on how he could make a difference to the fortunes of technology companies by applying his commercial expertise and unique approach.


At PBM Consulting Ltd, Pete works with technology-based companies large and small to develop strategies for growth and safely reach their next “strategic destination”, be it bringing a product to the market, raising funding, or pivoting to serve new, growth markets.


He has previously worked as a head coach on international training and mentoring programs, with governments and innovation agencies in over 20 countries to develop the knowledge economy and has mentored, coached, and trained global entrepreneurs to develop strategic sales and marketing initiatives that unlock their innovation potential. 


In this surprising show, Pete shares many things, including: 


  • Why so many tech companies fail to attract the right investors

  • The "lean market approach" for go-to-market speed

  • Why so many great ideas die on the runway

  • The key to standing out as a new tech company

  • What to do instead of having a shiny "pitch deck" to make things happen


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Connect with Pete on his website, PBM Consulting and on LinkedIN. 

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