Podcast: Lynn Thomas, Innovations in Mental Health Wellness

podcast storytelling thought leadership Oct 29, 2021


"When we feel safe, we can be vulnerable and look at our stories of our life without judgement. When our stories change, we can change." - Lynn Thomas






What Do Horses Have to Do With It?


The incorporation of horses in mental health therapy and personal development is not new, and is gaining in visibility across the globe.  
This revolutionary approach can be attributed in large part to this guest, Lynn Thomas, LCSW. 
At a time when increased emotional safety is so needed, Lynn is committed to bringing awareness to the powerful role horses can play in making a difference in countless people’s lives all over the world!  
In this episode, Lynn shares with us how horses have the power to change our stories - so that we can change.  
What you will learn in this episode:
  • The #1 thing needed to feel seen and understood
  • The true power of having this one key element for us to grow as humans
  • What it takes to get to the heart of issues that plague us
  • The key to going through life's challenges that actually supports our emotional health
  • A powerful story of how one herd took healing to another another whole level



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