Podcast: Ed Bilat, Mental Fitness for Sales

podcast sales storytelling thought leadership Oct 29, 2021


"Most people don't actually know this about me... but I don't like sales. In my 27 years of doing sales, the idea that you need to push and hard close somebody never resonated with me." - Ed Bilat






The Secret Sauce of Being Stellar at Sales


He surprised me when he said, "I never liked sales!"
Ed is an inspiring speaker, consultant, Master Storyteller, and sales leadership entrepreneur who has learned what it takes to be stellar at sales and shares his secrets in this episode. 
In this episode, Ed tells an inspiring and fun story about a storekeeper who encountered what most would have had a hissy fit over.
But Ed's observations tell a very different and profound story that ultimately resulted in massive rewards for the storekeeper. 
Listen in as Ed tells us a secret of making a pile of money. I guarantee you, it's not what you think. Or is it? 
What you will learn in this episode:
  • The secret to making money in sales
  • What sales is really about
  • How to handle a exhausted and burned out sales team
  • What to do to strengthen your mental fitness for sales
  • What it really takes and how it actually works on a sales call 



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