Navigating Fear & the Unknown

authentic branding conscious business mindset Oct 19, 2022


I always laugh when commentators refer to sudden changes and relentless stress as ‘discomfort’. 


Discomfort?!  How about downright pain and struggle! 


Change is hard for me. It always has been. But the first time I heard the saying, ‘the only thing constant is change”, I saw a way out of my continual resistance to things outside my routine.


I realized that change is part of life and came to understand it as how my soul is seeking to grow in this life. And I’ve gotten skilled at being nimble, present, and intuitive. How about you? 


So many of us are getting new insights, new perspectives as we navigate these times. Our eyes are being opened wide, and sometimes not so easily, not so gracefully.  


The thing is - these times are revolutionary, evolutionary. We are evolving as a species right in front of our eyes. We are ascending in consciousness, even though it sure doesn’t seem so sometimes. So much is collapsing, breaking down - finance, education, healthcare, and the list goes on. 


I believe that we are in one of the most historical times in human evolution. It’s the very reason that all the chaos and uncertainty is at hand, all around - to make room for the new. 


We are being pushed to grow, to expand, to let go of so much, and to move into an unknown future. So expect chaos right now. 


But also know that this is also an unprecedented time of Light, miracles, and wonderful changes! Things can happen fast.


It can seem like all is unraveling and nothing makes sense, but somewhere deep in your soul you can find that core of knowing. Focus on that.


Watch for the good that is happening around you, and be grateful for the smallest things. More will show up 😉


Do not give energy to all of the stalls and stops! And the confusion is off the charts. Contradictory stories that are sensational.  Unfortunately, losing friends, losing work, and having disagreements with family are the indicators of our human evolution.  


But there are so many good things happening that are coming to light! Our future is bright with innovation for New Earth.  


It’s true - it is incredibly stormy right now. So much seems horrible, or spectacular, or ridiculously impossible.  But are they that wild for an evolution such as this?


Because here’s the truth: We are ascending as a race. We are facing the negative, transmuting it, and bringing in more and more Light. 

These are the signs of ascension:


  • Not being able to sleep

  • Feeling exhausted cognitively and physically 

  • Changing your mind, experiencing ambivalence

VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, confusion, and ambivalence) is happening. We are all experiencing it in one way or another. There are even days I can’t get out of the house to go to the grocery store and that’s okay. 


We are changing at a phenomenal rate and need to allow our bodies the nourishment they need to bring in this new earth. 


Right now all seems upside down in many ways.  We are figuring it out as we go along as we’ve not been here before. It’s important for us to be deliberate about how we go about our days and the choices we make for our businesses while the world is finding its stability. 


Here's a clue as to how...The Universe completely rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality. 


So while the world seems to be spinning out of control, what is true is the out-picturing of our thoughts which have immense power - more now than ever before in history. The time it takes to begin seeing the fruits of your visioning is getting shorter. It doesn’t take as long to turn things around so that they look different outside of us. 


It takes us trusting more than ever been before.

What is trust? 

I’ve had to trust myself to levels I never thought I would have in these last five years, I could say 40 years because that’s when it started really actively for me. 


All the experiences and knowledge I've amassed, all wonderfully enriching and fulfilling, and deeply challenging, have transformed me to be ready for this next chapter in this life. 


I’m stepping into what my soul's journey is calling me to be next. Like a grappling hook, our new fantastic life is pulling us towards itself. IF we allow it and IF we choose it... (a little caveat). 


Your soul journey is yours. Everyone has a unique story that’s worth sharing. It takes courage to step into who you are meant to be.  It takes allowing, letting go of what’s not working. It takes letting go of fear and learning to be ‘okay’ with the unknown.


To trust in the unknown that you are being led to your next perfect space.  


It’s okay of course to have that five minute hissy fit because things haven’t been working out, but yet you know that you’re just clearing the energy.  


So have that five minute hissy fit with consciousness. Affirm to yourself that you’re moving it out of your energy field so that the new pure insights can come in. 


It may look like being upset, needing to cry or be frustrated. Good. Move that energy! 


We must let go of the old cellular memory of the pain and the limitations, of the “I’m not enough”.  The new light is coming in and it’s pushing anything that’s not of the light out.  Allow it to emerge and be freed by it. 



The storm will subside, 100% guarantee

The world needs a massive rearrangement and it starts with us individually doing our own work to heal and grow in consciousness. Keep a watch out for these “peace-eaters”: 


Negative thoughts can discourage you from even trying. 

It is our responsibility to manage our mind. To notice the self-talk and how that manifests in your life. 


This attention to what goes on inside you is the perfect place to begin your journey to expanded consciousness. As you notice your inner state, you can consider being compassionate with that part of yourself. You are doing your best, right? 


Take it a step further now, and focus on what you did accomplish today. Name 3 things you are truly grateful for. Your hands, your dog, your warm home? 


Don’t assume your challenges are permanent. 

That’s where I used to falter. I would get triggered and off I go for days of trauma-informed isolation. It was awful. But I worked on this for years, and still keep a heart-centered eye on that part of myself who is soft and in need of love. 

Call back your power and create a new reality for yourself. 

You have the power to steer your life in the right direction, despite the hurdles you face along the way. It's your responsibility to get yourself out of a funk and decide. Decide you are done with that behavior, that reaction, that belief about yourself or the world. 


Positive statements of conviction spoken out loud work wonders. Combine it with breath-work, and you can move mountains!


 Consciously and with feeling, speak it, sing it, be it.   ---  "I am abundant. I am healthy. I am so happy! I love my life!"


Okay I know it sounds almost comical to speak statements that aren't completely true. But is that true, really? What if speaking them, feeling them as being true, in time actually helps them appear? Because it does happen like that! 


So come on!  Show yourself some compassion. Engage in activities that make you laugh, and that offer you some peace of mind.  Then once you're in a better place mentally and spiritually you can take action and go after what you want.  I am always shown the next right step as long as I trust and stay connected to Source. 


I love life, I love people. There is so much brilliant innovation and so many original ideas in the world right now - enough to solve every single problem we think we have.  


It’s here everyone. Turn away from the pain, and turn towards healing and doing your part - simply doing your good in the world. 


So many incredible people doing such amazing things! Just go to your local Start-Up week if you have one. It's a blast to see all the creativity and forward-thinking smart people. 


We all get to step into and focus only on a new earth that honors all humanity, is fair and just, and raises the consciousness of all. 


Welcome to the ascension of the planet and humanity. 


During these times, it will be best to sit high like an eagle on a perch, observing, and to seek neutrality in all things - for this is your sovereignty


You and your business have a unique story that is worth sharing. You and your gifts are needed now. As my good friend Suzette Faith Foster says,

“We can get caught up in everyday stuff of work and our families. We forget who we really are - pure spirit, pure potential. Limitless! Choose from either a place of limitations or from expansive, limitless possibilities, each moment."


Let's choose wisely my dear friends. I'm right here with ya. We need each other!  




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