Embrace Your Weird & Make Them Take Notice

authentic branding brand strategy power positioning spiritual marketing thought leadership Oct 14, 2021

 It's time for all of us to embrace our weird!  Why? Because that is  the very thing that will make you stand out in a noisy marketplace! 


We are in the Age of Authenticity, and the way we used to do marketing just doesn't cut it any more. 


You see, a lot of marketing is designed to grab your attention in the moment and make you choose right then.  I call it "The FOMO approach" to sales and marketing. 


This marketing approach is aimed at creating awareness among a big population.  


And the result of this outdated marketing?

It makes people feel confused. 

Or they feel the buyer's remorse from being pressured to buy. 


This is why most of us hate sales and marketing!  Because we've been sold to in this way.


But that just won't fly in this age of conscious business and there has been a shift happening. Have you noticed?


Since this shift began in 1999 with Seth Godin's book, Permission Selling, commerce has been slowly waking up to what we all want now more than anything...


To be seen and heard and understood. 

We want to have a respectful and kind approach when it comes to sales and marketing. 

There are several ways we can open to inspiring and inviting others which sounds so much more accurate than "sales and marketing". 

As conscious business owners, we are interested in: 

  • Building loyalty over time
  • Helping others solve their problems
  • Creating relationship with a few

This is what sales and marketing is really about. 

Helping people to feel good about their decisions.



What makes your brand unlike other brands? 

Your distinction, your weirdness, in some cases IS your authenticity. This is what makes you YOU and is the reason people end up purchasing from you rather than your competitor. When you embrace your weirdness your confidence will grow. Most of us were taught to ‘turn it down’, to dim our light, and to calm down. But not here!

When you embrace your weirdness, your authenticity, that you have been disregarding or tamping down for so long, your confidence will soar!


Your essence is the most powerful brand element you possess. Let it flow!  

Let go of the filters that have been programmed in your mind.  Ignore everyone and their judgments and simply lean in to your true nature.

Understand that anyone who chooses not to work with you because of your "weirdness" or because they don't like your style is simply not your ideal client.

Working with people who don't vibe with you when you are your true self will only lead you to being unhappy and feeling burnt-out.


Confidence is all about 100% expression. 

Therefore, the closer we move to the truth of who we are, our confidence grows. Having confidence is key to selling anything.

Think about a time when you were being sold an item and you felt impressed by the sales person. Most likely your were impressed by their knowledge of the product and the confidence with which they talked about it.

In order for you to have branding that you are confident showing to the world, it needs to reflect who YOU are.


Journal your answers to the following questions. 

Please trust yourself and let loose! 

  1. Where do you find yourself hiding?
  2. WHY do you hide?  What is your fear?
  3. Notice where you are judging and comparing.  
  4. What are you genius at?
  5. What could you do every day and never get sick of it, and WHY?

I hope this will guide you to your truth, your soul story. And if you'd like help, just schedule a call and we'll work through it! 


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