3 Keys to Discovering the Heart of Your Brand

authentic branding quantum marketing Oct 06, 2021

Jen came to me exasperated. She was living a slow demise in a cubicle selling affiliate marketing after having an exceptional career as a World X Games Champion Halfpipe Skier.

She was desperate to get out of her 8-5 grind and begin her dream business - a transformational coaching business guiding women to carve a new path for their future. 

She knew it was time to move on.

So what did she do? Sit around and complain?  Not Jen. She listened to her inner guidance. 

For me, obviously I realized she had a powerful story, doing these death-defying halfpipe 'tricks'.  (which blows my mind!)

And I also knew that establishing her Power Positioning would be THE key to her success as she transitioned out of the J.O.B. and into her coaching business.

You see, in order for her to leverage her career into a revenue producing model, her influence and expertise she would bring to a coaching business would need to be handled in a way that her thought leadership messaging and signature program, she would have to be powerfully positioned with the right clients in mind. 

In this article, I will take you through the thought process that will help you find clarity in your own brand Power Positioning, which is the first piece of creating a clear, powerful and magnetic brand.


Stop Letting Others Tell You Who You Should Be In Your Business

For the new entrepreneur, in this new paradigm, you don’t need anyone to tell you who to be - or how to do it, for that matter. Everything you need to be mission-driven, to make a difference, and to make the contribution that you came here to make, is already inside you. 

All you need is to be guided on how to build a strong business plan, a clear and cohesive brand, and a marketing plan that works for you - with YOU at the center.  When you are at the center, the kind of brand that resonates with and serves the people you’re passionate about makes you money. You don’t need anyone to tell you who to be. You need someone to show the world who you are. 


External vs. Soulful Struggles

Back to Jen...  let’s take a look first at her external and soulful struggles. 

The external struggles will be obvious to you. This showed up for Jen as being frustrated and miserable in her job, and feeling stuck.

But underneath these problems she was having deeper struggles with the direction her life had taken after her professional career. This was extra difficult for a former World Champion Extreme skier. 

These soulful struggles require more empathy, a deeper understanding. You find them by asking what is the pain underneath the external. What’s at stake? Why does this need to change?

Jen was frustrated with (what felt like) her inability to achieve massive success after such a stellar career. After all, she is a 2-time world champion, 5-time X-Games medalist and 4-time national champion.

This is not a woman who accepts mediocrity.

She was questioning her very direction in life. Luckily, Jen had an inkling of what to do - get someone to help her. She knew it would be impossible to see herself from "inside her own jar." That’s why she was concerned about her brand story being misrepresented - because she couldn’t see it clearly. 


Get clear first and move your business forward powerfully.

The second key to discovering the heart of your brand is do the hard part first. 

The number one mistake I see business owners make is throwing money at the wrong place at the wrong time. Many spend money getting a website before they have a clear and cohesive message, much less a business plan. Then they end up with a pretty and expensive "online brochure."

If you haven't put thought into your brand strategy, and you express a confusing message, your prospect will be confused. And a confused person never buys.

But when you have the right words in front of the right people, you stand out, you build trust, and you make more money. 

Jen knew she needed help with her idea of having a transformational coaching business.

And she didn’t turn over her brand story discovery to an inexperienced graphics designer or business coach, but instead worked with a seasoned brand strategist who was up to date on marketing strategies.

Jen was able to launch her business with a solid foundation and began immediately building momentum and selling her coaching programs. She had a clear, cohesive message that landed with the right people. 


Thought Leadership requires gumption. You know doing the hard part first pays off.

The final key to discovering the heart of your thought leadership content is to muster courage. It requires gumption to do the hard part first -- to look at who you are and what you stand for with someone who can help you discern what stays in your business and what needs to go. What is muddying your message, and what is distinctive and relevant. 

When we started working together, Jen was VERY clear that her public persona as a professional athlete and celebrity wasn’t in alignment with her truth of her wanting to do deep transformational work with her clients. She wanted to distance herself from this persona to pursue her next chapter. 

But truly, she and I both knew that we couldn’t and shouldn’t throw it ALL out. We would find a way. 

And in fact, as intended, Jen’s clear message naturally emerged beautifully. 

Here’s what happened with Jen:

As Jen’s distinction emerged, it became clear that the exact steps she took each season to learn a new halfpipe trick were the very same steps she could guide her future clients through to help them achieve their own reinvention. 

Of course, they weren't literally learning how to do 360's, but Jen’s talent and skill of visualization, her incredible discipline, and the profound belief in her success is what sets her apart, and these steps she could teach her clients.

It’s what makes her stand out in a noisy marketplace. Yes, even as a celebrity, Jen had to find her clear and cohesive message to share with the world - and even more so because she wasn't teaching the thing she had been publicly known for.

Because Jen had the courage to dig deep and give some real thought to her business plan, her marketing has become so much easier!  She has all the words to write her website copy, her social posts, an email and how to speak about her business. 


Now it's easy to talk about what she does and what she offers - she has the actual words and language that lands for her ideal clients.

As you approach your own brand journey, keep it simple. Get clear on who you are and what you stand for and why they should care.

Then communicate that message in a digital language that they get on the spot that you are their person. Give them an experience they can’t forget through visuals, through words, design, colors and fonts.

But make sure you get your message first.

Be who you are. Listen to your inner guidance. Get guidance from someone who is a Brand Strategist who knows both business and marketing. And, last but not least, conjure the gumption to do whatever it takes to discover and emerge you.

That’s what makes a brand stand out in today’s noisy marketplace and allows for the people you are meant to serve to recognize you on the spot as their leader.


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