Podcast: Jeremy Zimmerman, Branding with Purpose

conscious business podcast storytelling thought leadership Apr 06, 2022

"Polish may attract attention, but principle is the thing that wins trust with your prospects and clients."



Jeremy Zimmerman of Brand Purpose started his career in the advertising agency world, where he developed his ability to help clients differentiate themselves and achieve market advantage. 

He grew there and managed creative teams of designers, writers, planners, photographers, coders and others as he guided each organization to the achievement of their business goals. 

His clients have included Toshiba America Electronics Corporation, Siemens Building Controls, Farmers and Merchants Bank and many others representing a wide range of industries. 

Jeremy and his wife founded Brand Purpose in 2018 to help clients design and build purpose-based brands. More recently, 

Jeremy narrowed the focus of his business to helping cities brand themselves as a means to inspire pride and promote intelligent development. 

This show is full of wise advice and experienced insights. You don't want to miss Jeremy's story. You will see that the conversation between two brand strategists and storytellers who serve very different markets are really not all that different. 

Branding is not exclusive to businesses. Welcome to another great show with a business leader with soul!

In this show, you will learn: 

  • The #1 thing you must do in order for your marketing efforts to work 
  • How to gain trust from your audience early on and why you should care
  • How to create a cynic for your brand - fast
  • What the BIG companies are doing that give you a BIG clue on surviving over the long-term in business
  • How to build a durable brand that stands the test of time
  • Where delighted customers actually come from
  • What Southwest is doing that we should all emulate to catapult your brand to the top
  • What should all brands have as your first priority 


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You can connect with Jeremy on his website, Brand Purpose, and on LinkedIn

Be sure and download his free gift, 3 Actions You Can Take Today That Will Strengthen Your Brand Tomorrow. 



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