Podcast: Jacqueline Morasco, Tiny Rituals to Create a Life of Ease & Flow

conscious business podcast storytelling thought leadership Mar 14, 2022

"The integration of tiny rituals is by far the most effective & enjoyable way to create lasting transformation and change."



Jacqueline Morasco of Spirited Practice, is an author, healer, retreat leader, and yoga teacher, Jacqueline has spent over 25 years exploring both the scientific and sacred aspects of ritual. 


Combining ancient and modern concepts, she encourages her clients to not only shift their perspective but also to reshape their most deeply-ingrained habits, like over-reacting, over-thinking and overwhelm. 


Jacqueline is known for her ability to guide you to modify how you move through life in the simplest way - to make tiny habit changes that expand into a life of purpose and joy. 


Through her life-changing work and her new book, Wake Up, Jacqueline guides ambitious women leaders to be more present and productive - to connect with their true purpose so that they actualize their dreams. 


Anyone can create beautiful new tiny habits that help them to feel better, more fulfilled and to flow with ease through life’s journey. And that lasts a lifetime.


Listen to this show and learn: 

  • The golden opportunity you have right now to feel fulfilled in your life
  • What "sacred" really means
  • The science behind tiny rituals
  • What tiny habits are and how to use them to create more abundance and success in your business
  • A free gift to access your personalized daily mantra 


Go ahead, listen in and start your new life of tiny rituals today! 


Links Mentioned

You can connect with Jacqueline on her website, https://spiritedpractice.com/.  

Be sure and sign up for her Mantra Quiz on her website to receive your daily mantra!  

Jacqueline's book: Wake Up, on Amazon!



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