Podcast: Fred Bueltmann: Equine-Assisted Team Building Retreats

authentic branding podcast storytelling thought leadership Oct 30, 2022


"You can't change your company without accepting the people that look different than you." 




Fred Bueltmann is a horse person, author, and independent consultant on company culture. 


He has more than two decades of experience as an executive in the beverage industry where he developed his passion for collaboration and intentional culture. 


Currently, Fred is co-founder and Executive Director of Red Horse Center for Collaborative Leadership, where he and his wife, Ulla, work with their herd of horses to strengthen collaborations for the greater good by contributing equitable access to professional development. 


Fred’s “Horse and Human Collaboration” philosophy is born from more than twenty years of learning from horses and inviting them to co-facilitate equine-assisted organizational development. 


Fred and Ulla are also co-founders of Arenas for Change, where membership offers training, community support, and tools to accelerate progress in mental health, organizational development, coaching, and education.


Fred is a musician, as well as an instructor at Schoolcraft College’s Brewing and Distilling program.


Today he is going to talk to us about collaboration, and on Building Intentional Cultures through Equine-Assisted Team Retreats. 


Key Takeaways from the show: 

  • How horses cultivate leaders faster

  • Why horses make the best therapists

  • The difference between leaders of status and leaders of teams

  • What the most natural way of healing differences can be

  • How true leaders can re-write their story and find massive success and fulfillment


Links Mentioned 

Connect with Fred through his website, RedHorse.red and schedule a complimentary call to see if you and your group would benefit from an equine-assisted team building retreat. 

His awesome TedTalk on collaboration is definitely worth a listen too!






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