Podcast: Brenna St. Onge - Harnessing Pandemic Chaos to Birth Empowering Solutions

podcast story copywriting thought leadership Feb 15, 2023

"We're now being pulled nationally to other states who want to replicate what we've done here in Colorado."



Brenna Simmons-St. Onge is the Executive Director of The Alliance Center. She is a pragmatic visionary with over 15 years of leadership experience, including a decade in Corporate Social Responsibility.

In this show, Brenna shares stories of victory and collaborative regeneration during these chaotic times where grit and compassionate courage are called for. 


The Key Takeaways from the show:

  • The BIG difference between sustainability and regeneration.

  • What you have to have to build impactful initiatives in today’s changing world.

  • How harnessing the pandemic chaos is birthing empowering solutions.

  • Why the reductionist theory must be eradicated in favor of regenerative mindset.

  • How Regenerative Agriculture is healing you and our planet.


Links Mentioned:

Whether you are in Colorado or not, Brenna and her team are ready to work with you to share their knowledge and resources for a regenerative future. 

Visit their website: https://www.thealliancecenter.org/regenerative/

Please email Brenna to learn about opportunities to partner. 

Email: [email protected]


Meet Brenna

When the pandemic hit, the world changed. And communities are coming together. 

Brenna St. Onge stepped up and is one of the most inspirational young visionaries of our day.  For the current times we live in, her brand of direct, focused and brilliant forward progress is transforming the way we approach everything. 


When the pandemic hit, Brenna rose to the occasion to launch the Regenerative Recovery Coalition now with almost 400 members working together to build Colorado forward towards a regenerative future. 


Through large public private philanthropic partnerships, Brenna is leading the Coalition to create equitable social structures that will foster shared prosperity on a healthy planet starting right in Colorado as proof of concept with the vision to scale and replicate nationally in the years ahead.. 


As a dynamic change agent, Brenna leads with a nonprofit heart and a business mind leveraging holistic approaches to implement and scale solutions to some of the largest issues humanity faces.


She has received numerous awards over her career. She was named one of the top 25 Most Influential Young Professionals in 2015 and the City of Denver's Community Builder Sustainability Award in 2017. 


Brenna has a Bachelor's of Business Administration, as well as a certificate in Environmental Sciences from University of Hawaii and is a Certified Fundraising Professional from The Indiana School of Philanthropy.




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