Podcast: Amanda Graham, The Power of Mindfulness to Radically Change Your Life

podcast storytelling thought leadership Jan 19, 2022


“When we learn to be mindful as we move through life, we can handle any uncertainty.” - Amanda Graham, UnbridledWayForward.com



Amanda Graham lives on a farm in Rougemont, North Carolina, 25 miles north of Durham. 


Amanda is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, and founder of Unbridled Way Forward, an innovative practice that guides people to discover their true path by incorporating horses into mental health, personal growth, and leadership and team building. 


Amanda has had a diverse career path leading her around the country, including professional actor, animal protection advocate, executive leader, educator, and counselor. 


Despite her many roles, the through line of her life has always been a deep curiosity about human behavior and a desire to be of service. 


All these experiences have led her to our show today to talk about a consistent practice that has enriched her life and her choices:  the power of mindfulness to radically improve people’s lives, personally and professionally.


In this episode, find out:

  • What mindfulness is really about

  • Four components to functioning at a high level

  • The one attribute all leaders must possess to succeed

  • Secret to bringing mindfulness into the corporate setting

  • The indirect benefit to embracing mindfulness in large organizations


Tune in and learn how incorporating mindfulness will bring you and your company to peace and calm and better decision-making!


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