Could a Spiritual Framework for Building A Brand Be Your Answer?

authentic branding conscious business spiritual marketing Oct 29, 2023


There’s no denying - things are ultra intense right now.  It doesn't matter who you are or what you do - if you live on this beautiful Earth, you are affected.  

Even as the chaos of the world is experiencing a post-pandemic world and the 2021 great resignation aftermath, we are each personally experiencing a renaissance of some sort. 

As the conscious and spiritual marketer that I am, I believe it’s our own transformation that will usher the world to a new age. 

It’s actually the rumble we feel to make a difference - this is where we should focus our energy.

And that begins with ourselves. 

You see, we are entering the new age of conscious business. It’s all about sharing, and community, and the right use of resources.

It’s about caring for one another and realizing that we don’t have to have a gazillion choices of the same thing to be happy, truly happy. 

It's about working smarter, ingenious really, not harder. 


What Is Spiritual Marketing

The concept of Spiritual Marketing was first introduced to me about 15 years ago when I was given the book, Spiritual Marketing by Joe Vitale. 

We are indeed ushering in the Age of Spiritual Marketing, and are being called to emerge our unique soul story gifts. Our superpower. And in sharing these gifts with others, we will bring the world to a golden age. 

Now years later, another book - Sacred Commerce by Ayman Sawaf & Rowan Gabrielle - has come into my awareness. It too talks about the transformations we are experiencing as we step into these new ways of doing business and indeed, living our lives.

This is why I believe that the ability to articulate & convey your authentic beliefs around a service, product, or brand - transparently, consciously, and with the end user's benefit in mind - is critical to our success in life and our ability to do good in the world. 

What’s so spiritual about that? It’s what’s behind that definition that drives it.

Think about it - all sales is about connecting with people who share similar beliefs and points of view - who resonate with us. 

The truth is that we’ve been selling people all our life on our approach, our way of seeing things. This is marketing yourself. 

I talk about my journey to reinventing myself in Three Questions to Ask for an Aligned Authentic Brand.

The key is to be conscious and deliberate about conveying your beliefs - what you stand for.  

Like I said above, there has never been a better time in the history of humanity to consciously and clearly communicate your ideas, and your services. 

This is to me the core of spiritual marketing. 


Your Uniqueness is Your Soul Story


We each have a unique soul story that is worth sharing.  And not only worth sharing - it’s so needed right now. There has been no other time in human history that has been this revolutionary, specifically in the rise of consciousness.

More and more, every day, we are becoming more conscious.  More of us are becoming who we are meant to be.

It has gotten so dramatic at times in the last few months for me, as the intensity ramps up for this new age to be innovated, that I’ve had to learn to lean into the mystery of it all. 

To focus more on listening inside - not watching what’s going on “out there” so much.

It’s been better for me to pop out and look at all of it from the point of view of an eagle - flying high above, able to see the big picture. 

To see myself as we truly are and to reflect on all that I've accomplished in my life, the lives I've impacted for good. 

I gain strength, resilience, and power to move through this falling away of what doesn’t serve me any more, and embracing what does serve me, humanity, and the world. 


This is what is keeping me grounded, moving the needle in my business, and experiencing more joy at a time that otherwise I could cave to apathy and defeatism. 


Realize that today, right now, as you’re reading this message, is a day of seeing YOU - the culmination of your lived life.  If you choose. 

Go all the way back through your life.  Not to stir stuff up, but to take an honest look at the good you have done, and the wisdom you have gained from your experiences and your knowledge. 

If you haven’t done this, I highly recommend it and that you take notice. 

Because we are in a new age, and we have new tools coming into our marketing toolbox like ChatGPT, we are at the precipice of something great and wondrous. 

It’s been astounding to me to watch the lights come on in the hearts of those of us being called to make a big impact. And most of the time, we know not what the hell it is we are being called to do! 

What I know to be true, is that It’s time to innovate.  We get to create.  We get to dream big, and build our future the way we want it.  It has never been more possible!


Lean In to What’s Possible

There is a magnetism in the air. 

One thing is for sure, the shifts, the changes, the disruptions are causing us to lean in to the discomfort, and consider other ways. We are being implored to regroup, reset, and reinvent ourselves. 

Instead of belaboring that past, wishing and trying to do the same thing, hop on the wave of spiritual marketing where it’s easy, where we can leverage the resonance that automatically happens when we are in alignment with our soul story. 


When you really connect within, and get clear on your unique expression in marketing yourself and your offers, you can’t help but magnetize your people to you. 


But it doesn’t happen like magic.  

You get to emerge your soul story,  and then match the right marketing experiences so you feel confident to get yourself out there. Because when you do, your ideal customer recognizes you the moment they see you that you are THE only one who can solve their problem. 


Could It Be You? 

Check this out from October 2021 regarding the Great Resignation: 

"According to data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on Tuesday, 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August. That's the highest percentage ever reported by the BLS Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey series."    Oct 13, 2021

In just one month, 4.3 million people decided they would rather have meaning in their life than security.  

The rumble is real. 

We know who we are and that there is a reason why we chose to be on this planet at this time. 

Could you be one of those who are here to usher in the new age of Spiritual Marketing where sales and marketing becomes ‘sharing’ and ‘invitation’.

If you’d like to have a conversation about emerging your soul story, and living a simplified spiritual marketing life, let’s do it.

Schedule a complimentary call with me right now.

What's at stake? You spinning, wasting YEARS? Wow, think of all the people you could be helping with your brilliance that you may not even realize you have - after all, it is natural to you and you can't read your own label when you are inside the jar. 

Go ahead - let's get this cleared up shall we? 





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