Marketing Strategies Made Simple

Marketing Strategies Made Simple

Lee is an engaging and energetic speaker.  She took a boring topic I didn’t know about and distilled it down into a riveting story in itself.  I didn’t know that there was so much to know about branding.

Karen Carestia

Alpine Apothecary

Dare To Be Seen: Video Marketing Bootcamp


Have you noticed that Facebook & Instagram are rewarding those people who use video?

Join me and a few others on this jam-packed group online (Zoom) bootcamp.  Day 1, get your gear straight, get comfortable in front of the camera, and have a plan moving forward.  Day 2 we recovene for a group Video Review Salon where you will receive feedback on your videos and plan.


“I feel much more confident and inspired going forward using this powerful video marketing strategy!”

Stacy Dymalski

The Memoir Midwife

Speaking & Trainings

Speaker on branding in Utah

Educating, inspiring, and reading an audience are my top three strengths. This combination means I’m an ideal speaker for your next conference, event, or workshop. Your audience feels inspired, and are empowered to leave with a lift in their step and a plan to move forward. My talks are informative and entertaining; and my topic areas of specialization are in authentic branding, visibility & presence, and visual storytelling.

Sample Talk & Training Topics

  • Branding Done Right

  • Storytelling with Images
  • Spark Your Money Magnet
  • Ideal Client & Messaging
  • Video Marketing with Facebook Live

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Treat your audience to a journey in branding and marketing strategies.

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When your market knows you,

they trust you.

When they trust you, they’ll buy from you

without hesitation.