The Soul Story Brand Experience

A private 6-week branding experience designed for serious business owners who are ready to attract great clients, love their life, and make more money.

Are you brilliant at what you do, but can’t seem to get traction with your vision?

Whether you are just starting out with an idea, or have been in business for a while and have hit a ceiling in expanding, this is a PERFECT place to START.

Do you ever feel…

  • Afraid your online presence is costing you clients.
  • Frustrated that you are going along at a snails pace.
  • Feel like you blend in with everyone else on the internet.
  • Ashamed of your brand, or lack of it, so you don’t send people online to your site.
  • You know you have a great idea, but not a clue where to start.
  • Worried you will be misrepresented in your brand story.

But here’s the thing…it’s actually what’s on the inside, the soul of your business, that creates connection in a digital world.  And many don’t take the time to do this critical piece.

Branding is a dialogue, not a monologue.

“Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue up by up to 23 percent.” – Forbes

Developing your brand identity is not just a sweet logo or a pretty website.  There is much more that goes into a brand journey and a high functioning business. It’s takes discovery, research, and strategy.

If you try to go about your brand journey without getting clear FIRST, you are just going to be disappointed. And you will waste money.

We begin your brand build with a deep discovery process that goes beyond what any graphics designer or website developer will typically do for you. To get crystal clear on who you are, what you stand for, and why ‘they’ should care is paramount to a successful brand.

Your brand personality, your opinions, your vision, emotions, your values all need to be factored in to the resulting visuals and messaging.How do you want to live your life, run your business, make your income?

Nothing gets left behind if it’s in alignment with you and your vision.

You will leave this program with a clear brand identity that magnetizes your ideal client effortlessly. You’ll know how to position yourself so that your tribe is always growing, and with visuals you LOVE!


Give your visitor a great experience.  Focus on what you love to do. Make the contribution you came here to make in the world.

Diana Needham
❝ Lee brings not only clarity but relief that finally my message was expressed beautifully.  And did I say that I am getting more business from this!❞   Diana M. Needham, The Book Shepherd.

❝ Take advantage of this chance right now to uplevel your business! It will cost more the next time around because Lee and the program are that good, that effective. You’ll be so glad you did.❞    Carmell Clark, LifeArtist Leader

Suzette Foster
❝ If you are looking for someone who is spiritually based to honor your needs, be very supportive, honest and to the point (in a good way), then Lee is your (Super) woman. I had an excellent branding experience! I absolutely love my new brand!”      Suzette Foster, Choose 2 Thrive


  • You want to invest in your unique abilities, and to make a difference; to be a leader.
  • You have a vision for your life and your business —  you just want some support to get you to the next level.
  • You care that your brand is authentic and true to your inner brilliance so that you can put yourself out there with confidence.
  • You are ready to do the work to get to the truth, your truth; that you are embarking on a journey to answering deep questions so that you get the results from this program that you expect.
  • You are willing and able to participate. This is a collaboration with you and the SSC team. We need YOU, your insights, and feedback.


  • You let your fear make all of the decisions in your business.
  • You’d rather spend hours complaining about the tech you don’t know how to use rather than the six minutes it takes to follow the step-by-step video on YouTube to solve your problem.
  • You over-analyze and second guess every decision you make.
  • You don’t believe that branding is important.
  • You have no desire to create massive impact.


  • You can’t stand your current online presence another minute.
  • You can’t find the right words to say what you do.
  • You have offers that no one is buying and/ or you don’t like delivering.
  • You have spent money on marketing that didn’t pan out like you thought it would.
  • You feel confused about what to do first to make this happen for yourself.
  • You feel afraid of being misunderstood and then misrepresented in a brand story.


  • You’re innovative, open-minded, and driven to succeed in your business.
  • You’re ready to jump in with both feet, be all in, and have a ‘yes’ attitude.
  • You’re ready, willing, and able to invest, because nothing is going to hold you back from reaching your goals.
  • You know you are meant for bigger things, and you’re ready to run forward because you’re not willing to wait to make the impact you were born for.



  • Your kick-ass Brand and Style Guide pdf.

  • Full custom logo development.

  • Your professionally designed Manifesto.

  • Your clear soul and marketing message.

  • Your signature speech outline.  (The single most valuable tool in your marketing!)

  • A simplified marketing plan to give you a steady stream of qualified leads.

  • The skill to write copy for emails, social media, websites, and more… easily and quickly.

  • Tips to easily creating polished marketing materials.


  • The deep joy of crystal clear clarity of your message and your purpose.
  • A solid and simple plan for a smooth running business that works for you.
  • Comfort knowing your online presence is in alignment with your authentic nature.
  • Learn to hear and trust the voice within you.
  • Clear language so that people really understand what you are about.
  • A smart marketing strategy in place that actually builds momentum, while you sleep.
  • The ability to accept new opportunities, ever increasing your abundance factor.
  • Deep confidence that there is a way ahead that is exciting and rich with possibility.

The Soul Story Brand Experience uses a powerful discovery process to emerge your Soul Story.

Click here to see how it works...

The Soul Story Brand Experience is a Done For You model that requires your input and collaboration. You share, we listen.  We ask questions, you share, we listen more.

This is you and your vision coming into form.

The soul of your business – Your Soul Story Brand.

Over the course of a few weeks, I guide you in developing a personal relationship with your business.  Together, we bring your brand story into form — strategically, and in simple and practical ways, that serve you and the life you want to be living day to day. By intentionally setting our sights on what your soul story brings to the business, we can then emerge the truth of your business’s purpose.

This is an intensive and highly collaborative program with you and Lee and her team.

What it includes: :

Pre-work: Discovery Questionnaire  ($600 Value)

(3) Brand Clarity Work Sessions with Lee ($1500 Value)

(1) Visual Brand Strategy Consultation with Lee and Alexandra Waldorf, Visual Brand Strategist  ($400 Value)

Full Logo Development: from concept to delivery of your logo files including all designs in horizontal and vertical, logo marks, elements; one collateral design i.e. business card, favicon, YouTube or FaceBook Banner design  ($2500 Value)

Your Soul Story Brand Guide design including Manifesto Design ($1200 Value)

Total Value: $6200!

Kick-Off: Spiritual Authenticity and Your Brand Story

Your Brand Story emerges as you invite it to.

Your relationship and friendship with your business takes time to cultivate.

When given time, honor and invitation, you gain insight and clarity. Spirituality practice is the overlay through out your brand journey.

This is a dynamic process that keeps growing with YOU at the core.  How do we show up in truth each day?

What does ‘all-in’ really mean? All you need is within.  How do we coax it out, bring it into form?  This is the beauty and joy of a brand journey– as you discover and unfold into who you truly are, bit by bit, your brand story emerges.


Trust the process.


Who are you? What do you stand for?  And why should they care?  Through a deep discovery process, and a series of interviews, your become.  Your vision for your life and business emerges.

No one else has the same story, the same style, the same lovable quirks and personal motivations that you have.

Design your business to the lifestyle you desire.

What we cover:

  • Spiritual Branding Overview
  • Where are you stuck in your business?
  • Brand Positioning
  • Your Distinction
  • What you stand for
  • Brand Promise
  • Value Proposition
  • Soul Values
  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Avatar External & Soulful Struggles
  • Avatar External & Soulful Desires
  • Market Research Done Right
  • The Power of Testimonials
  • and much more!

Discover what’s true for you.  And build from there.  This is the first step.


Your Visual Identity is what brings the soul of your business to life visually and creates the true experience and includes:

  • Brand guide
  • Main Logo: vertical and horizontal design
  • Logo elements & watermark
  • Color palette
  • Typography (fonts)
  • Icons
  • Social media icons
  • Social media headers (Facebook, LinkedIn, Newsletter)
  • Images plan
  • Print Collateral:
    • Business Card
    • Banners
    • Takeaway card

Your custom Soul Story Brand Guide insures you are always consistent in your brand story: your words, your message, and positioning.

The visual experience, in alignment with your message, makes all the difference between a powerful converting brand AND one that’s DOESN’T.

Create an experience for your audience.

The experience of YOU and your vision! 


Now to convey your brilliance to the world through your communication of products and services. We will emerge your product funnel, making sure they are logical, achievable, and saleable. This keeps your marketing simple, your focus narrow, and your confidence rises.

Your Communication Module includes:

  • Story writing training: the easiest way to create ALL your marketing
  • Words & phrases collection
  • Program names
  • Professional bio
  • Marketing Message
  • Soul Message
  • Your offers & product funnel
  • Marketing Plan to suit your personality
  • Signature Talk outlined
  • Lead generator freebies identified


You can really have an amazing business and it gets to be easy.

“I had tried many times to build my brand and online presence with designers. Every attempt failed miserably.  This program is easily worth 3-4 times its price. You will make your money back in no time!”   – Dannielle Bryan, Life With A Shamanic Twist

The Soul Story Brand Experience

Two ways to enroll.

$ 1200 for Module 1

$ 2000 for Module 2

$ 1200 for Module 1

 Full Experience-$2999

for a limited time!


Payment options available.

You have all you need within to create a life of contribution, happiness, and fulfillment.

Is it time to tell your brand story?

A branded website can cost over $15,000 from a Brand agency; including brand clarity, marketing strategy, copywriting, logo and website development & design.  But you now you can get that same individualized attention plus marketing training, and the skills and tools necessary have your own kick-ass soul story brand, at a fraction of the cost.  And besides, you may not even need a website. 

Together, let’s bring your ideas into form!

Your 16 Ways to Your Kick-Ass Brand book is here!



Your 16 Ways to Your Kick-Ass Brand book is here!

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