Language That Lands

Build your distinct and powerful 

brand story that serves as

the foundation for all your marketing.

A Clear Message

Who you serve, the solutions you provide. 

Targeted Marketing Content

Messaging that connects.

Confidently Grow Your Business

Be in alignment with purpose.

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Do you ever feel...


Overwhelmed about how to reach the right people?


Frustrated because you can’t find the right words that say what you do?
You are confusing your prospects?
Afraid you are losing opportunities?
Feel salesy in your marketing?

We’ve all felt this at some point, and the solution is simple:

  • Build clear messaging to use in all your marketing 

  • Get the attention of your audience with the right words

  • Connect with those your are meant to serve

  • Learn how to create marketing content easier & faster

  • Gain momentum in your business and grow



 Clarify your message so people know you understand them.

"I am already getting inquiries through my website just by wireframing it. My messaging is so good that people are finding us organically!"
- Amber Power
"Lee shared a solid recipe for story copywriting. I can use all this in future marketing materials. Such informative and helpful classes. Love, love it all!" 
- Leah Alsbro
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Clear, cohesive, consistent.

The right words to the right people.

This workshop is designed to:

  • clarify your message
  • bring out your distinct and unique power positioning
  • identify your ideal client avatar
  • learn story copywriting so you can write content that grabs attention
Imagine having a powerful brand and website that you are proud of. 
Imagine having a full client roster working with clients you love. 
And imagine having the support, guidance, and resources so that you don’t have to travel this road and make these changes alone.
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What Makes this Course So Special?

Done With You

This 8-week online small group course is designed for mission-driven business owners who are ready to build their brand story and create language and messaging that attracts quality clients and builds your business 

In this course, we will guide you to:

  • Get clear about your ideal client.
  • Identify the one common, core problem you solve for all your customers.
  • Know exactly what to focus on in conveying how you help people.
  • Feel confident with the new skills to do your own marketing.
  • Learn skills that propel you forward in your business.
  • Learn an easy & powerful framework empowering you to create marketing content. 

Build your distinct & unique brand. 

Build confidence.  Build revenue.  Get found.

1) Our step-by-step proven process ensures you create clear, cohesive messaging that lands with your ideal clients. 

2) Done-WITH-you, receive expert guidance on brand strategy & copywriting specific to your business. Individualized attention for your questions in real-time. 

3)  At your pace: Our courses are designed with busy entrepreneurs in mind. Self-paced, week by week, or do all the work in a weekend - it’s totally up to you.

Work through the 6 modules, at your own pace, and build your personalized Brand Story Guide full of valuable copy that speaks to your prospects about your business, in your unique style, and how you serve your clients in overcoming their challenges.

Magically attract new clients because of the words you use. 
(There is actually a science around it ;-)
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"Thank you Lee and Jeff for this informative and insightful course.  You both have a wonderful, easy way of building confidence in your students and organizing the class into practical steps that are doable that foster success.  I feel more prepared and confident in marketing our equine-assisted psychotherapy business."
- LTL Student
"I have gotten clear on who I really want to work with.  I've found a name for my company that feels organic and authentic for who I am. I also am learning to focus on the client and not promote myself. This has helped me not only in building my new website, but also in talking with people during the discovery call with my clients."
- LTL Student

Lee Aldridge

Creating an authentic brand presence that builds revenue and uniquely reflects who you are is Lee's natural superpower. 

In this course, we will guide you to:

  • Create your power positioning so you stand out.
  • Understand what your ideal client really wants.
  • Learn how to write good content, quickly.

Jeff Brown

As a skilled copywriter, media specialist, and brand strategist, Jeff brings much more than just words to your messaging. 

 Language That Lands Curriculum


A Program for Teams & Entrepreneurs 


Come join a community of like-minds, receive personalized coaching from seasoned experts, and build your own unique brand story guide to use in your marketing.


Book A Complimentary Call for more information. 


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Is this right for you?

This will be great for you if...

  1. You are a business owner who has a vision for their business -- you just need a way to communicate clearly how you can help the people you serve.
  2. You care that your brand is authentic and true to your inner brilliance so that you can put yourself out there with confidence.
  3. You are willing to work collaboratively, answer challenging questions, and make decisions.
  4. You want to attract clients you love to work with and who can pay you.
  5. You value your time - so you engage experts to work in their brilliance while you focus on yours.
  6. You are hungry to make your mark because you know your time is NOW! 

This won't work for you if you...

  1. Allow fear to drive your decisions in your business.
  2. Are not willing to bring YOU to the project.  This is a collaborative process - in other words, you get out what you put in.
  3. Are not comfortable with doing business in a digital world.
  4. Are a complainer and don't actively seek out solutions. 
  5. Over-analyze and second guess every decision you make.
  6. Don’t believe that having a clear message is important.
  7. Have no desire to make more money. 
  8. Could care less about making a contribution to the world.

Is it finally your time?

Get clear, stop confusing your prospects, and make more money. It's that's simple.

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