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conscious business podcast spiritual marketing thought leadership Sep 30, 2021

Our podcast is launching in November!

It's called Business Leaders with Soul and it's dedicated to showcasing the innovators of our times, those who are transforming this new age of conscious business.

The people I’ve interviewed so far are incredible.

They are rebels. They are futurists.

I can't wait to share their insights with you! They are the ones who are going to bring us out of the crazy upside down world that we find ourselves in.

We've known on some level that things had to change. The pandemic just brought it all out into the light of day.

  • We could see the social injustices.  
  • Work culture issues have been brewing for a long time.
  • We knew the way business was done needed to change. 
  • The mental health crisis isn't new.
  • And then there's our overwhelmed health care professionals.

 We are all leaders and we are all at a choice point.

It’s time to stand up and speak the truth that is within you - that which is seeking to emerge.

This is where Business Leaders with Soul come in.

Like the podcast guests I’ve interviewed so far:  Ed Bilat, Wendy Burge, Scott Spann, Andreanne Gaudet, Mazdak, Lynn Thomas, Michelle Black, Elatia Abate, Dannielle Bryan, and Nadia Brown.

Deliberately choosing, and facing into the sun, and not looking back, these movers and shakers are innovating, bringing new and fresh ideas that are radical, sustainable, and will open your mind to what’s possible for all of us!

Some of the upcoming Leader's Topics we'll be discussing include: 

  • Emotional Intelligence as the way out of a world gone mad. 
  • Ditch the 80 hour work week & grow your business better.
  • Why remote work cultures are the new key to success for CEO's.
  • How horses are uniquely able to heal and transform lives.
  • Leveraging the chaos of today to heal business, society & the world.

We'll look forward to seeing you when the Business Leaders with Soul podcast launches!

Stay tuned by following this space on our Blog page.

Feeling inspired?

What is seeking to emerge through you that is vying for your attention? If you’d like to be a guest on my podcast, and share what you stand for, let’s chat!

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