The 3 Most Important Questions in Brand Storytelling

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I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life and ran a successful Wedding and Portrait Photography studio for over 30 years telling stories with images.


When I segued into brand storytelling a few years ago, it was a not-so-easy transition. This branding world can be very confusing. 


What I’ve realized over the last 10 years of studying branding is that story must be the foundation in any business if you want to stand out in this noisy marketplace


Whether you are attempting to raise money, build a team, speak at a conference, build an online course, or close business deals, storytelling allows you to share your knowledge and experience in a way that is captivating, interesting, and informative. 


In the next few minutes, I’m going to share with you the 3 most important questions to ask when telling the story of your business so that you attract the right clients, connect with them deeply, and grow your business serving those you love to serve.   


When I first opened my photography studio in 1992, my business launched with referrals. And referrals were the way I grew my business - that’s the golden way. No marketing, only word-of-mouth. It was easy and it flowed for over 30 years. 


But as the times changed, and photography became a "back-pocket" commodity, with smartphones replacing DSLR’s at a record pace, and with my body giving out from the weight of cameras, it was time to reinvent myself.


I had been offering branding photography to tell the story of businesses; brand storytelling was a natural segue for me.


Having never had to "market myself," I struggled with the challenge of articulating what I do clearly.


Those dreaded 30-second marketing commercials required in networking meetings have left me speaking uninspiring blubber - not good for a brand strategist specializing in messaging!  [this is another topic for another time: "we can never see ourselves as others see us”] 


But here’s what I know for sure - storytelling is the foundational element in a business today.  If used strategically, your brand story will captivate your audience, clearly convey a cohesive message, and it builds trust. 


Once I understood this, my 30-second networking spiel became much more clear. People understand what I do, and how they can benefit.


To have a good brand story, it must be told in a clear and powerful way in order to be remembered. This surely requires that we be authentic, that we stand vulnerable and create meaning for our audience to resonate with. 


At Soul Story Creative, our brand story development process begins with answering the 3 most important questions. When you answer these questions, you are on your way to building a captivating and effective brand story.


  1.  Who am I? 

     The traditional way business owners have approached their marketing in the past is to study their Ideal Client Avatar and retrofit their businesses to meet a need. While this is critical to reaching the right audience, you first need to determine your Brand Positioning and your unique value you could offer. 

    Why twist yourself into a pretzel to accommodate those you may not relate to nor care to understand deeply, much less work with?  Instead you can reach for that Sweet Spot of Spiritual Marketing to create a business built around your personality, lifestyle needs, and revenue goals and live a life of ease and flow. 


  2. What do I stand for?

    We live in more of a purpose-driven world than ever before. People aren’t only buying your offer, they’re buying why you do it. The “why” in your story can be one of the biggest differentiators between your business and a competitor’s, will instantly build trust, and create a loyal following.

    By sharing more about what you stand for rather than what you do, you will attract those who are aligned with your values, your beliefs, and ultimately your offer to solve their problem.  When given attention and time, this narrative will provide you with enough marketing content for years.  

  3. Why should they care?

     Not all of your life story is relevant. In my brand story development process, we assess your experience, knowledge, and wisdom that is relevant to your audience and holistically integrate this into your business. This helps people understand your process, builds your authority and establishes trust. 

     Another key to this is your client testimonials.

    These serve more than anything else to give you, on a silver plate, the soundbites of pain and desire you need for compelling messaging. They are literally “what people were struggling with,” and “the results they got working with you.” The bonus is that testimonials instill confidence in you and your offers and drive your prospects to take action to buy. 

    When sharing your brand story, you must be clear, cohesive, and consistent to build your brand awareness. It should surprise and entice, and most importantly, it needs to answer for them, “What’s in it for me? How are you going to make my life better?”

Today, I help leaders of social impact organizations develop and build thought leadership content that reveals their brand’s soul story.  They tell their brand story in a compelling way, implement smart marketing strategies, and live their life in alignment with "what they do."

I am deeply invested in staying on top of business & marketing trends in order to best serve our clients and provide them with the most value possible.

Everyone has a unique story that is worth sharing. 

At Soul Story Creative, we don’t tell you who to be, we show the world who you are.



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