Podcast: Scott Spann, Solving for the Impossible

conscious business podcast thought leadership Oct 29, 2021
man solving complex business problems scott spann
"All other creatures have this inbred ability to unfold in a way that allows them to fit their environment. We have that within us. But it's been thwarted." - Scott Spann





What Else is Possible in Healing Business, Society, and the Earth?


Scott solves seemingly “impossible” problems in business, society, and the Earth. His unique and strategic method is inspired by both his career as a trauma psychotherapist and by his years of experience with business leaders who are intent on doing the right thing.  
Scott clearly sees the way forward in the new age of conscious business, working to harness the chaotic and complex situation we find ourselves in. As he puts it, “Deep lasting impact requires a fundamentally different perspective.”
In this podcast episode, Scott shares his wisdom through stories of businesses who have succeeded at the 'impossible.'  
What you will learn in this episode:
  • Business as its own empowered solution to today's breakdowns 
  • Who defines 'reality' and where does possibility play a role 
  • Leveraging the innate potential of business itself
  • Harnessing your zone of genius for dealing with chaos & complex situations to heal business
  • Where sea gulls, sea lions, and nature converge with healing business 
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Connect with Scott through at ScottSpann.com or email him at
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