Podcast: Michelle Black, Compassion Fatigue Care

conscious business podcast thought leadership Oct 29, 2021


"Many first responders, doctors and nurses are worried that they'll lose their jobs if if they share what they're experiencing. It was really devastating to think so many are experiencing compassion fatigue - also known as secondary trauma." - Michelle Black




Care for the Care Professionals - A Novel Idea


With over 20 years as a professional in Organizational Development, and the last 7 years as a Mental Health Professional, Michelle Black's expertise in both fields has given rise to an innovative approach to solving the problems that plague care professionals. 


Compassion Fatigue is a real 'thing.'
Paramedics, nurses, doctors, and even teachers and parents often suffer from exhaustion, feel stressed out, and are unable to bring healthy responses to the care of their patients and kids.
Listen in as Michelle speaks of the innovative methods she has developed to turn this around. There really is a way. 

What you will learn in this episode:

  • #1 thing that must happen to help our care professionals heal 
  • The common sentiment that keeps care professionals from asking for help
  • What Secondary Trauma is and why you should care
  • What care organizations, like hospitals, must do to stop the downward spiral in healthcare
  • A story of a school who invested in treating compassion fatigue in their teachers

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