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conscious business podcast thought leadership Oct 29, 2021


"Top-notch Talent is not going to come to you if you are still offering the traditional workplace. The opportunity here is to design a culture of inclusion of diversity." - Mazdak




Mazdak is all about the future of work.


With so many people working offsite, many business owners are unsure what will happen to their team culture & collaboration, not to mention their productivity and performance. 
Using his human-centric method, Mazdak supports teams through periods of intense change. 
Where everyone has a seat at the table, Mazdak is supporting teams to eliminate workplace suffering and liberating leaders to experience a better way to lead. 
Listen in as Mazdak shares why today's leaders have it made, and can not only survive the The Great Resignation, but thrive and be happier and more successful than ever!  
What you will learn in this episode:
  • Why 83% of employees prefer a hybrid work life
  • How diversity plays a role in the success of the company
  • Leveraging new tools and technology to create engagement among teams
  • The critical piece to getting buy-in from everyone in the organization, including the team members
  • The characteristics of leaders of the new age
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