Podcast: Kathy Magnusson, Strength-Based Learning for Our Children

conscious business podcast storytelling thought leadership Jan 31, 2022


"Our children need more self-awareness, self-regulation and relationship skills, but we, as adults, need this too." - Kathy Magnusson, WildewoodLearning.com



Kathy Magnusson believes that schools can be places of healing and she is committed to creating trauma-sensitive resilience schools. 


As a trainer, coach, and speaker, and licensed public school teacher, Kathy guides educators and professionals on what is needed to create safe and effective learning environments - environments that draw upon the strengths of both adults and youth to uncover their unique brilliance.


Kathy’s main focus these days is timely - it is about trauma and the effects trauma has had on our families, communities, school, and students over the last decade. 


Kathy believes that when we take what we learned through experiences, and apply the lessons, then we can build that into skills to strengthen resilience. 


Kathy doesn't stop there - Combining trauma-sensitive, neuroscience, and resilience with strength-based education and you have a powerhouse of synergy that not only heals but rejuvenates a person's creativity and contribution to society.


Kathy lives on a farm in northern Minnesota with her husband and occasionally some of their four young adult children. When she is not hanging out with her dogs, you can find Kathy in her “calm place,” serenely kayaking or relaxing with a good book at the family lake cabin. 


In this episode, learn:

  • the #1 reason kids are struggling in school
  • the real challenges behind the scenes in our schools
  • how she is uniquely qualified to speak about trauma
  • the effects of developmental trauma on the brain & nervous system
  • how any of us can respond to children with more awareness

Tune in and learn about the great opportunities we have today to strengthen our schools, our teachers, and our kids.  


Links Mentioned

You can connect with Kathy on LinkedIn, and on her website,  WildewoodLearning.com

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