Podcast: Dr. Nadia Brown, What Sales Are Really About

podcast sales Oct 29, 2021
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"I had so many negative thoughts around sales and the sales training and felt so out of alignment. That led me to create my own way of doing "sales." - Dr. Nadia Brown







Unleashing Your Untapped Potential


Dr. Nadia Brown is successful sales strategist, consultant, and sales trainer who guides sales teams to awaken their consistent closer within.  
Nadia brings over 15 years of experience in guiding others to increase their closing rates and keep their clients staying in the fold to engage again and again, increasing Lifetime Value.
Nadia’s expertise guides her clients to raise their rates, decrease their refund requests, and triple their annual revenue.
Listen in as Nadia shares why she says she doesn't like sales, and what it's really all about.  

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What sales is really about and why you can learn to love it

  • The unique challenge high-achieving women face and must conquer to make it

  • The way to really go after your BIG dreams and realize them

  • What the real deal is about 'pivoting' in your business

  • How seeming terrible life events turn into blessings beyond what we could have imagined




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