Podcast: Ana Laskey, Insights-Driven Research Gets Results

conscious business storytelling thought leadership May 03, 2022


“If you don't want to get on the rocket ship, you are welcome to stay on earth.” 




Anastassia Laskey of Ground Control Research is a serious expert in her field - pragmatic and curious - a marketer's secret weapon. She helps companies solve any growth problem, better and faster. 


She is a strong, confident entrepreneur who does the hard things without flinching. 


Everyone enjoys her optimism and direct matter-of-fact "why would you do something else" style. 


She is not afraid to disagree with you even if you have more "expertise." It’s because of this honesty and desire to help that others love her no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to decision making. 


You can be sure that the action Ana takes or recommends is grounded and gets results. 


Ana’s a funny character with a lot of interesting stories that seem to come from someone who is a wise old soul. Ana is someone you can talk to. 


In this revealing podcast episode, you will be surprised, you will inspired. Find out: 

  • How insight-led questions solve your business problems, faster and better
  • How to cultivate a level of certainty in guiding your business to success
  • The #1 thing that matters for Start ups and new businesses
  • How to get the information you need to get to market faster and with more success.
  • The top issue that paralyzes organizations when it comes to market research.


Links Mentioned 

Connect with Ana on her website, Ground Control Research, and on LinkedIN

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