It Takes Gumption

authentic brand story conscious business spiritual marketing Sep 30, 2021

It takes gumption to stand up for what we believe and to put ourselves out there.

Lately I’ve been hitting a growth edge 😳  With all the chaos and disruption, we can’t look to the past for solutions.

We are moving into the new age of conscious business, and all of us are needed - it’s all hands on deck time!

This means innovating and doing things we haven’t done before.

And so...

We will be launching the Business Leaders with Soul Podcast in a few weeks with many of today’s thought leaders and change-makers.

It has been amazing to speak to these leaders who are innovative, full of life wisdom, and smart, smart, smart!

We will launch with at least eight podcasts to take advantage of the search algorithms.  Stay tuned!

I’ve never done a podcast. I’ve recommended them as a strategy to some of my clients if it fits their personality, but I never considered it for myself.

Until my business coach recommended it for me as a great marketing strategy while also making a contribution. 

And… I hit a growth edge. 

When this happens, whether it’s video marketing, getting on stage, and now podcasting, it always unnerves me. 

My usual certainty and confidence goes out the door, leaving only a dust heap of technical details to distract me.

So, I get to rise above my nerves, my ego, my comfort zone - and put my service first. 

THE reason we are launching this podcast is to shed light on all the amazing, innovative and brilliant people who are doing good in this new world - the new age of conscious business. And it’s the reason Soul Story Creative exists. 

Claiming our imperfections and getting out there anyway, is the most authentic thing we can do. 

It’s my job to bring that out and to put strategy around it. 

It’s your company, your values, your vision. You know what you can promise to deliver to your clients. Only you know what emerging brand and business model suits you. 

Which means I have to get out there so you can find me. Newsletters, videos, podcasting, all of it. 

This is marketing in a digital world. This is creating connection in a digital world. Authentically and with soul.

We all must push through these marketing initiatives and not let perfect get in the way of good’ . 

To maintain integrity and alignment with our high standards and excellent products.

We’ve got to do what it takes so that those we are here to serve can see us, hear us and understand how we can solve their problems. 

All for the honor of getting them out there to do good in the world.

"Our Self Image and our Success tend to go together. Change one and you will automatically change the other." - Zig Ziglar

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