Supercharge Your Business

An empowerment course for courageous visionaries, leaders and rebels. 


Are you sick and tired of feeling...
  • Like nothing you do is working, in your life or business? 
  • Exhausted with life and not being able to get ahead? 
  • Frustrated because the same bad things keep happening over and over again?
  • Afraid because you wonder 'is this it?'
  • Bored to tears with your life and the way it is heading?

Here's the thing...

You can be happy NOW in any area of your life, let me show you how.

Supercharge Your Business is a 6 week course where I give you all the tools to help you take your business to the next level!


We were ALL born with the power to create the change we want.

You have the power to completely change all areas of your life for the better. Career, finances, health, relationship, it doesn't matter.  When you realize that your "thoughts become things" anything is possible!

I'll let Mike Dooley explain...

The creator of Notes From The Universe and author of Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams

This is a non-religious, spiritual program that prompts you to question where you are allowing yourself to be limited, where life isn’t working and how your thoughts are creating those circumstances.  


You learn ways to dissolve those negative beliefs and thoughts easily, and to open up to calling back your power and express your truth, in life and in your business. 

Supercharge your manifesting muscle (in the right direction) and experience life’s unlimited magic!  

My personal passion about this program is that it offers the tools to anyone and everyone willing to apply its principles with the ultimate reward of the ability to shape their own life. 

Become the master of your destiny. 


"Supercharge Your Business has given me a sincere gratitude for all that awaits me. It has repositioned my ability to see my own life. I haven’t had this much energy since I trained for a marathon. I am so thankful for all that has already blossomed in my life and business."

"Lee is an engaging and energetic facilitator. She took a topic I didn’t know about and distilled it down into a riveting story in itself. I feel like I'm in control of my life again."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I learned to let go of old beliefs and that changing my life isn't as hard as I thought it was. I realized that I was stuck in old mindsets and habits and needed the motivation and the affirmation that change was and is possible."

"Supercharge Your Business has taught me the value of positive energy and how the status quo is only a hindrance to success. I now trust myself, and that I can enjoy the meantime while I create the life I truly want to live. "

"As a result of this class, my life has changed in myriad ways and I am now equipped to harness the energy of my thoughts to live my life on my terms, in the fullness and joy that is my birthright!" "

How it works:

We gather on Zoom

Learning, sharing, Q&A mastermind.

Do the exercises

Just enough to get you pondering.

Dream Courageously

Life's amazing adventures.

Topics Covered:
  1. Thoughts Become Things:  Choose what you think
  2. Beliefs:  Choose the empowering ones
  3. Emotions:  Life's feedback system
  4. Taking Action:  Create possibilities to come to you
  5. Instincts & Hunches:  Our inner guidance
  6. The Magical Universe & Faith:  Live deliberately & know

SuperCharge Your Business

Live your truth, earn your living doing what you love, and be free!

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In 2007, I found Infinite Possibilities, and met Mike Dooley.  I knew I had finally found someone who could answer all my questions.  

“I knew it!  We are not victims to our circumstances! I do have power over how my life turns out!” 

It was my imagination and expectations that drew to me my dream life back in 2008.  The “coincidences” were unbelievable. 

I began working these principles. I began writing every day of my dreamed life of love, wealth, and abundance.  

I spent a few minutes in my backyard every day dancing and FEELING my new life into being. And there he was. A few months later, on the dance floor, dancing up to me.

What ensued was a reunion of sorts like I’ve never felt before. I had called in my soulmate!  

I still use these practices today to keep my life humming to my tune - not society’s.  I have a fulfilling and creative career, and my Beloved and I are 10 years in and loving our life.     

Now, having been certified as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer,  I teach my clients these practices so they create a business that works for them. 

How would it feel if you could...
  • put your feet on the floor every morning with genuine excitement about what the day holds for you. 
  • get unstuck from repeating the same self-sabotaging habits and telling the same old story
  • create change in some area of your life
  • want to feel more present and be able to roll with (and even enjoy) life’s wild ride
  • bring your work, project, voice and impact to an audience or community
  • infuse your week with positivity, inspiration and like-minded people instead of monotony, drama and toxic influences
  • shed the winter coat of inadequacy that keeps you bundled up in the fear of not being good enough 
  • worry less and play more often
  • connect to and embody more purpose and passion where you feel like yelling, “I love my life”
Sound Good? Keep reading...


How it will change your life:
  • Gain control of the direction of your life. 
  • A sense of trust that everything you desire is within your reach — and how to attain it so that you can live more freely
  • Attract more of what you want into your life: Success, Love, Health, Money by knowing how to move past the invisible barriers that have been holding you back  
  • Better relationships and connection in all areas of your life — with the aid of ancient tools and priceless resources that create happiness for you NOW.  
  • Understanding exactly what your part is in creating your life, and easily integrate it into your day. 
  • Learn ways to get out of depression and heal yourself.


Why would I do this? 
  • To get you into alignment with your truth and what your unique purpose is in the world.
  • Learn to recognize and trust your intuition. 
  • To understand that you are WORTHY of the price you want to charge.
  • Stand out in your business with real promises that are unique to you and your offers.  
  • Erase any and all beliefs that keep you from experiencing abundance and prosperity in your life.  
  • Take right action that dissolves negative unconscious beliefs.  
My mission is to help you look within, to discover how unlimited you are, and to give you the keys to unlock the magic! 

Be the leader you came here to be

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