Business Jumpstart Blueprint

For business owners who are ready to get your revenue flowing. 

In this module of the Business In A Box Program, you will build your sales funnel and customer journey, so you can keep bringing new leads into your business.

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If you struggle to get new leads and are confused about how to get your revenue flowing, you are in the right place!

Simplify your marketing

Get new leads

Make more money

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Tired of wasting money on marketing?


Just by launching a website, customers won't magically "find" you and sign up.


The thing is - if people aren’t looking for you, they won’t find you.


To get noticed, you must do sales and marketing outreach to create awareness.

Your sales funnel is the #1 way to get revenue flowing.

Why Create a Sales Funnel?

Hands down, it's the most efficient, effective, and inexpensive way to invite customers to do business with you.
  • Get an immediate return on your money
  • Generate new leads with people you want to serve
  • Honors & respects relationship
  • Sleaze-free sales
  • Very low cost to create

Learn a repeatable framework,

for the life of your business.

Thank you, thank you! To have a plan for marketing my business has taken so much stress off. The tools you have shared has made an overwhelming task more manageable.
- Karine Stevenson
I didn’t have a website and my marketing was inconsistent. I felt stressed out and at a loss as to what to do next. By the end of the course, I had my site up and running and a way to capture new leads! I feel great!
- Karen Cahill
Lee and Jeff are incredibly talented and passionate marketing consultants. They are cutting edge!  I am very fortunate to have had this available to me and at a price that is worth 5 times as much!
- Michelle Seminoff
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Build it as you learn.

Invite people to do business with you in an efficient, effective, and inexpensive way that feels personal. 


What if... had a simple marketing plan that worked. received a return on your investment as soon as you start executing the plan. had a full client roster working with clients you love.


How would that feel?

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What Makes The "BJB" So Special?

Done With You

In this small workgroup, you receive expert coaching from Lee Aldridge & Jeff Brown, two seasoned marketing experts. 

Lee Aldridge

Creating an authentic brand presence that builds revenue and uniquely reflects who you are is Lee's natural superpower. 

In this course, we teach you:

  • the exact formulas necessary for each piece of your marketing funnel.


  • how each piece will result in more and more sales. 


  •  to become a DIY marketing pro.


Jeff Brown

As a skilled copywriter, media specialist, and brand strategist, Jeff brings much more than just words to your messaging. 

Watch the video training

Do the assignment

Come to the weekly call

Build your sales funnel marketing collateral and generate leads while you sleep. 
  • your homepage website copy
  • your homepage copy layout (wireframe)
  • your lead generator PDF (your freebie)
  • your automated email campaign 
Proven to generate leads, close sales, and increase revenue.
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I had no idea how to market my business and wasn’t getting any new leads. I felt discouraged and knew I could do better - but didn’t know what was wrong. 
I now know how to attract clients, how everything is connected and what it is I am truly selling. I love how real and honest you both are - that you really care. You taught us a whole new language, but at the same time how systematic it is. 
I feel confident and I am getting inquiries through my website! 
- Nik Lewis, Horses R Us NZ
I was struggling with getting new sales. I felt frustrated because nothing was working. 
The BJB helped me focus on my offer, the core problem I solve, and to stop hiding.  I’ve learned how to connect with our audience in a completely different way. Sharing the journey with others  was really powerful too.
Lee and Jeff exceeded my expectations and their gentle guidance was amazing. I feel excited about my business again and connected to it in a way I’ve never felt before!
- Carey Khan, Time To Shine Kids

Business Jumpstart Blueprint Curriculum

Business In A Box

Your Investment

Two programs, one price! 


A Program for Teams & Entrepreneurs 


Come join a community of like-minds, receive personalized coaching from seasoned experts, and build your own unique brand story guide to use in your marketing.


Book A Complimentary Call for more information. 


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2 Courses

2 Experts


90 Days

1 great price!

Is this right for you?

This will be great for you if...

  1. You are a business owner who has a vision for their business -- you just need a way to communicate clearly how you can help the people you serve.
  2. You care that your brand is authentic and true to your inner wisdom so that you can put yourself out there with confidence.
  3. You are willing to work collaboratively, answer challenging questions, and make decisions.
  4. You want to attract clients you love to work with and who can pay you.
  5. You value your time - so you engage experts to work in their superpower while you focus on yours.
  6. You are hungry to make your mark because you know your time is NOW! 

This won't work for you if you...

  1. Allow fear to drive your decisions in your business.
  2. Are not willing to bring YOU to the project.  This is a collaborative process - in other words, you get out what you put in.
  3. Are not comfortable with doing business in a digital world.
  4. Are a complainer and don't actively seek out solutions. 
  5. Over-analyze and second guess every decision you make.
  6. Don’t believe that having a clear message is important.
  7. Have no desire to make more money. 
  8. Could care less about making a contribution to the world.


Your website should operate like a marketing machine -  not just a pretty brochure. 

Get clear, stop confusing your prospects, and make more money.
It's that's simple.
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