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Business Jumpstart Blueprint

The number one way to get revenue flowing freely in your business.

In this 12-week workgroup, clarify your message, build your sales funnel, and keep your new leads coming in to your business.
These steps cost practically nothing, and you don’t need to be a computer geek to do it.
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If you struggle to get new leads and are confused about how to get your revenue flowing, you are in the right place!

In this class, you will learn...

 Build your Brand Story with language that lands for the right people and who will buy your services.

Impact your bottom line with clear, attention-grabbing messaging you copy and paste over and over on your website, emails, flyers. 

Learn how to build your website into a marketing machine, not just a pretty online brochure.

Learn how to invite and make offers with Spiritual Marketing.  No more feeling slimy selling your services

Build your Brand Story script and build your sales funnel, with expert guidance.

Designed especially for businesses who are serious about growing their programs and profitability, but have a limited budget, this class will give you the strong foundation to get new leads from people you want to work with. 

Speak to them in a language they can hear and lead them to how you can solve their problem, and they become loyal clients you love to serve.

"I now know how to attract clients, how everything is connected and what it is I am truly selling. Great workshop! "

- Carey Khan
CEO Rise and Shine Kids

"What an amazing opportunity to take this class. It was very informative and insightful. You have a wonderful, easy way of building confidence in your students and organizing the class into practical steps that are doable that foster success. I feel more prepared and confident in marketing our equine-assisted psychotherapy business. "

- Amber Power
Bella Terra Stables, PA

"Thank you so much for the tools you have shared. It has made an overwhelming task seem more manageable.""

- Karine Stevenson

"This workshop is very much tailored to the needs of those of us in the workshop and you turn on a dime to reframe, resend, or create something to meet our needs, and then give it away for free. Awesome."

- Amanda Graham
Unbridled Way Forward

How It Works

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This is a powerful workgroup guided by Lee Aldridge & Jeff Brown, both brand strategists and copywriters. Receive expert coaching and marketing tips all along the way.
We meet weekly over 12 weeks for 12 classes on Zoom for 2 hours
  • All sessions are recorded to watch replays at your convenience
  • Lifetime access to the recordings to revisit when you want to create a new sales funnel
  • Mastermind style = time for feedback on your messaging, ideas and insights
Get new leads, more opportunities, and make a bigger impact.

How It Works

We meet weekly for 2 hours in our small group on Zoom for training, exercises, and individual coaching.  
All classes are recorded to watch later, anytime, as often as you like!

There is simply no greater value:  2 brand experts, 2 hours, every week for 12 weeks in a small group.

Offered at a special price.

$997  Only $497 for a limited time!
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From Survive to Thrive!

For businesses and programs who are ready to get going -- whether speaking to clients, influencers, or donors -- and you want more qualified leads, this is for you.
In a group mastermind setting on Zoom, empower yourself and your team.
Craft your Soul Brand Story and build your sales funnel.

Grow your business and generate more sales!

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