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Liberate yourself with training that attracts, leverages, and inspires.


With our DONE WITH YOU programs, you can attract your dream clients, make more money, and enjoy your business more at a fraction of the cost!!


For those of you who have tried Do-It-Yourself marketing strategies and found it disappointing giving you only marginal results, then Lee’s DONE WITH YOU programs may be the ticket!

DONE WITH YOU means that Lee is LIVE, whether on Zoom Video conferencing or in-person.  Lee is with you,  training and offering insights to help you implement your branding project and bring it to digital reality.


That’s right!  You have live access to Lee and her expertise every step of the way.

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Lee’s decades of experience running mastermind groups creates an environment rich for priceless feedback and insightful comments.  

The value of a focus group is priceless when it comes to branding.  Whether you are planning a Facebook Live Broadcast Series or on a full-out brand development journey, honest feedback from your peers and ideal audience is priceless.

In fact, testimonials are the #1 place to begin looking for your brand story!

So when you are in a group of people learning together, not only are you learning a new marketing strategy or constructing your authentic brand, it is always expressed better in a group setting.

The information you receive, the insights from the objective point of view of others, speaks volumes.   The core of your brand comes from others experience of you and the services you deliver.

With Lee facilitating, in our private online Zoom room or in-person, we collaborate and learn together.

A few of the benefits of collaboration:

  • Your positioning and brand promise become clear.
  • Your value propositions magically fall into place.
  • You have a marketing plan this is strategic.
  • That perfect tagline blurts out.
  • Your brand comes alive with a group of caring and committed business women led by Lee.


Receive honest feedback, brilliant ideas and reap the rewards.  All at a price that is fractions of what a private brand client pays.

If you are looking for excellent training that is less expensive, less trouble and more fun, then check out our programs!



60 Days to Your Kick-Ass Brand

This program uses a simple step-by-step process that will make your communication strong, clear, and compelling–that will make your brand stand out.

Dare To Be Seen: A FB Live Video Marketing Masterclass

Livestreaming video marketing made easy to grow your list, make an impact and make more money.  Overcome fear of video and accelerate your reach.

When your market knows you,

they trust you.

When they trust you, they’ll buy from you

without hesitation.