A collaborative approach.

A collaborative approach.

We can never see ourselves as others see us.

I had the vision and the drive. I was ready to grow my business. But as hard as I tried, I could not brand myself.

No matter how much avatar discovery work I did or the pages of messaging I typed in, I could not get a clear message.  NOT a good look for someone talking to you about a cohesive brand who has confusing messaging!

You see, we can never see ourselves as others see us.  I just couldn’t see the immense possibilities by myself. I was too close to my brand story.  I needed a plan, help from people I trusted.

Crafting a brand story that resonates with those you love to work with is no easy task.  

What did I do?  As I pulled my head out from under the covers in exasperation, I started at the beginning.  I stopped wasting money and time on this and that.  Thousands and thousands of dollars.

Now I can get back to what really matters, and do more of what I love as a soul-seer, brand strategist, and marketing geek.

And I know now how to make it easier for you.   Which makes me feel super joyful and fulfills me to no end to see you fly!

The journey to authenticity is never over my friend.

We need collaboration and we need each other.  Besides, it’s a lot more fun that way!

I highly recommend working with Lee – she has a special gift of pulling out your deeper essence which is powerful in my online presence!  Lee really took the time to get to know me.  She listened and observed all the different facets of me;  Not just the usual marketing, but the deeper layers that had NOT been coming out in my current branding.  

Anne Hart

Lee's Bio & Soul Story Film™

Meet LeeLee Aldridge is a conscious kick-ass woman entrepreneur making a huge impact.  Having captured the soul of her subjects through photography for over 40 years, Lee reinvented her genius into Soul Story Creative, a full-service brand creation house with a twist.

With her savvy intuition, her creative eye for “sexy with substance” born of years behind the camera, and her sharp online marketing ingenuity, Lee is the life force behind making brands that stand true and stand out.   Her #1 goal is creating an online brand presence that builds revenue and uniquely reflects who you are through the next five years of your business plan.

In addition to working with clients, she finds joy is sharing a rich life of music and nature with her partner, Jeff, playing with her ‘cat’ companion Trixie, and traveling out of her comfort zone to spark new creativity, confidence and adventure!