Done FOR You


Done FOR You

We design websites that engage, delight, and get results with smart brand strategy.


Is your business growing and becoming more and more complex?

Are you losing great opportunities because of website shame?

Do you have confusing messaging and no marketing plan?


From the ground up, Lee and her creative team of seasoned experts help you position your business, identify your niche, build your website, and develop the creative photos, images, and copy to make your business succeed and your brand story flourish, your way.

Soul Story Brand Blueprint

Positioning, messaging & visual defined.

Soul Story Media

Powerful storytelling imagery and film.

Soul Story Website

Building your website to insure success.

Soul Story Brand Blueprint™

Soul Story Brand Blueprint™

Lay the foundation of a solid brand that is designed to last.

Developing a brand with solid marketing strategy is an entire construction that begins with clarity.   Our Soul Story Brand Blueprint ™ positions your business as a reflection of your story, why-statement, vision, and purpose.  And there is enough content in your 30+ page Blueprint to last for years.

Once completed, you will:

  • Know who your ideal client truly is
  • Clarify your message with words that convey what you mean
  • Distill your offers for maximum returns
  • Develop a lead generation and marketing strategy plan
  • Define your visual brand perception
  • Determine your website functionality and design Layout

Do you dread writing copy for your marketing?  Never knowing if you are reaching them?  Simply copy and paste from the Word document when creating your next blog post or email.


This is your essence.  Your vision for your business.

Your Soul Story Brand Blueprint.™

If I’d had this opportunity 4 year ago, I could have accelerated my own business growth and profitability even more quickly.  A confused mind doesn’t buy.  So you want that clarity from the start so the right people know how to buy into you.

Carmell Clark

Soul Story Media

Instantly resonate with visitors engaging with your website with powerful storytelling imagery and film.

Soul Story Brand Photography

Soul Story Brand Photography

It was phenomenal that Lee took the time to understand my brand!  She then laid out a plan of how we were going to tell that story through the photography and integrate with my brand directive.  It really brought my branding to me in a fresh way.

Debbie O’Grady

A new lead contacted me and said that the energy emitted from my Soul Story Film resonated with her and caused her to engage me.  And she bought my high-end package!

Diana M Needham

Soul Story Brand™ Websites

Differentiate the soul of your brand and transform your business.

Some of us are just too freaking busy to step in and DIY our brand.  We would just rather pay someone to handle it.  Where to start?  It feels overwhelming with all this branding stuff.

Lee and her creative team of seasoned experts help you position your business, identify your niche, design your marketing and build your website to make your business succeed.   This is a Done-FOR-You service versus the Done-WITH-You Programs.

See the case studies below to experience a few clients before and after’s…

Brand Case Studies

Diana M. Needham - Client Spotlight Story

Diana’s business was expanding fast to serve her niche market.  When she realized she wasn’t engaging the people in her target audience, she knew she had to rebrand now.


Diana’s new website speaks specifically to her ideal client now with clear and motivating messaging.  Best of all, she has had prospects tell her that her branding photography and her Soul Story Film pulled them in and who then became paying clients!  That’s right!  Professional photography is worth the investment can make all the difference in your bank account!

Suzette Foster - Client Spotlight Story

When Suzette Faith Foster of Choose 2 Thrive came to us, she was in dire need for a rebrand. Her book, Calling Back Your Power, and a movie she was featured in, I Hope You Dance, were both launching in 14 short weeks. She had no marketing strategy and a website that was dated, cluttered, and confusing. Her brand was out of alignment with her new vision.


Suzette felt frantic. This was a big investment and she needed someone she could trust to get it right.

Carmell Clark - Client Spotlight Story

Carmell had been suffering from website shame as her business was exploding with new opportunities.  In fact, some were passed up because she couldn’t send them to her site.  Carmell had thrown thousands AT her branding over the last years and was ready now to get it right.  She had two ‘main’ sites and over fifteen landing pages.  After many brand strategy meetings with her and the team, we successfully integrated it all!


A stunning clean site that flows to accommodate the complexities of her business.

Leslie Flowers - Client Spotlight Story

Leslie is a real go-getter!  When she arrived on our branding “doorstep”, her energy was spread across four different programs which meant in her case, she had four conflicting ‘brands’ for these programs.  Leslie spoke and discussed, pondered and collaborated.  And in the end, she realized that her biggest money-maker was her absolute favorite program and that it fit her desired lifestyle perfectly!  We simplified and now she enjoys a one-page scrolling website with strategy in place to attract all her visitors to that dominant program.

If you are looking for someone who is spiritually-based to honor your needs, hold your hand through this brand experience, to be very supportive, honest and to the point (in a good way), organized and driven to create creative and high-quality products that you’ll love and can be proud of, then Lee is your (Super) woman.

Suzette Faith Foster

The Scope of our Services


Copy and Messaging

Your marketing materials like your branded logo, a speaker’s one-page, a website, or social media are designed with precision by our our stellar team of designers. They capture your vision and makes sure that people get the real you.


Your marketing materials like your branded logo, a speaker’s one-page, a website, or social media are designed with precision by our our stellar team of designers. They capture your vision and makes sure that people get the real you.


Capturing who you are engages people to trust you and to listen to what you have to offer. We know how to do that and can direct your photographer with storyboards to shoot what we need, not what they like.


Video is great, but film will share your story in a way that makes you stand out. Our Soul Story Films™ include custom music and artistry that you can’t just capture on standard video. See what we mean here.


Technology can make your brand sing, or it can be the demise of your online presence. This is called brand strategy.  Autoresponders, CRMs, RSS feeds and much more, is handled so you connect with the right people.


Soul Story Creative makes sure your website is an asset, not a liability; that it is working according to strategic planning.  Your website is beautiful and a pleasure to explore.  Your visitor knows exactly what to do next.

As you can see, we’ve got you covered so you can do what you do best.

Yes!  I want to schedule a complimentary brand review with Lee!