Clear messaging engages

“Lee makes you feel so comfortable and she guides you through the whole process. She considers everything and it was an incredible experience. I would recommend Lee for anybody; anybody that needs a professional branding person for their website or their business!”


Joyce Jagger

Clarity of purpose. Strategy to match.

Messaging that attracts & builds.  

Visuals that are captivating.

Your distinction beautifully expressed.

A solid brand that will grow with you.

The confidence to move forward.

In just two short months, you will have developed your unique kick-ass Brand.

Then you will be ready to create your own authentically branded website – a brand design that lasts, and that resonates and attracts clients who buy!

You’ll have a business that

  • Expresses your passions and skills
  • Builds trust and revenue
  • Sustainable for years to come


Remember, it’s not the logo that creates connection – it’s a person’s ability to connect with your message, and to know that you understand them.

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You have a unique soul story worth sharing.  But how do you express yourself in a way that is real, and that connects with those you are meant to serve?

The first step to an authentic brand is to answer these three questions, honestly:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you stand for?
  • Why should others care?

These answers represent and lead to much more about who you are than just having a cool looking logo and nice pictures.  What others see on the outside is only the surface layer of everything you have developed on the inside!

Through our hallmark exercises, you will:

  • Gain clarity in your message and in your business.
  • Captivate and connect with those visiting your website through authentic visibility and…
  • Have a site that functions like it was intended to.

During this program, you will have access to:

  • A personal brand strategist who will help you gain the clarity to reach the people you most want to serve.
  • A collaborative part in the evolution of your personal brand.
  • Your own personal focus group to test messaging and product ideas.


60 Days to Your Kick-Ass Brand Program  – Developing Your Own Distinctive Brand Design that Resonates



Diana Needham
❝ Lee brings not only clarity but relief that finally my message was expressed beautifully.  And did I say that I am getting more business from this!❞

Diana Needham, The Book Shepherd.

❝ Take advantage of this chance right now to uplevel your business! It will cost more the next time around because Lee and the program are that good, that effective. You’ll be so glad you did.❞

Carmell Clark, LifeArtistTM Leader

Suzette Foster
❝ If you are looking for someone who is spiritually based to honor your needs, hold your hand through this experience, be very supportive, honest and to the point (in a good way), organized and driven to create creative and high-quality products that you’ll love and can be proud of, then Lee is your (Super) woman. I had an excellent branding experience!❞

Suzette Foster, Choose 2 Thrive

“People aren’t buying your stuff.  They aren’t really buying you.  They buy because of the way they feel when they experience your brand.”   – Lee Aldridge


  • You may already be working your business successfully for a few years, and your target market has shifted,
  • You have never put much into branding because you were so busy building your business,
  • You may just be starting out in your business, and you’re ready to invest in a solid brand that will grow with you.

You may be getting to the point of diminishing returns and lost opportunities.

You might even be losing hope to make the impact you so desire with your exciting and brilliant ideas.


  • Be willing to be open, honest, vulnerable.
  • Desire to fully express yourself in your brand honestly.
  • Be willing to put yourself out there authentically.
  • Be willing to release self-judgment and embrace your brilliance.
  • Be willing to discover your true essence & experience transformation in yourself and your business.



  • A transformational journey that connects you to yourself and your business.
  • You love your brand, and feel authentically represented.
  • Deep confidence that your message is clear.
  • You have a plan to implement your brand and monetize your business.
  • Momentum in your business like you’ve never seen before.
  • Share your essence with authenticity and relevance.

Share your essence with authenticity and relevance.



  • Your professionally designed digital PDF: Your Kick-Ass Brand Guide
  • A 60 minute Private Call with Lee for a deep dive brand review.
  • A 90 minute weekly training and Q&A with Lee to answer your questions.
  • A Weekly 3-hour Creative Studio Time with Lee to execute the directives for that week.
  • Small Group online with built-in Focus Group to test and share your ideas
  • Personal “Hot Seat” coaching with Lee.
  • 12 months of Private Members-Only FB Group.


  • Learn systems to bring into your own business
  • How to properly set up a revenue producing offer,
  • Marketing to the right people for that offer to create cash flow now
  • Learn quick ways to create polished marketing materials like a pro
  • And many other marketing secrets!


Two ways to buy

$ 748 *




* 3 payments of $748, totaling $2244.  First payment will be drafted immediately, then you’ll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 2 months.



“For me, Authenticity is a daily practice of letting go of who I think I am supposed to be and embracing who I truly am.”   – Lee Aldridge

Program Outline

60 Days to Your kick-ass Brand uses a simple step-by-step process that will make your communication strong, clear, and compelling–that will make your brand stand out.

When you enroll in the 60 Days to Your Kick-Ass Brand program you will experience:

  • A transformational journey that connects you to yourself and your business.
  • Huge relief at having your brand finally handled.
  • Momentum in your business like you’ve never seen before.
  • Feeling empowered to fully express yourself in your marketing.
  • Excitement going forward with new opportunities and income.

This is a comprehensive, interactive program with you and a select group of other like-minded entrepreneurs who are also ready to use strategic, clear branding and messaging in order to create their impactful kick-ass brand.

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Your Program Journey will take you through:

  • Week 1:  The Spirituality of Authenticity
  • Week 2:  Your Avatar
  • Week 3:  Positioning
  • Week 4:  Messaging
  • Week 5:  Your Offer
  • Week 6:  Story Copywriting
  • Week 7:  Your Visual Brand
  • Week 8:  Marketing Strategy
  • Week 9:  Website Planning & What Else is Possible?


  • On your website
  • In emails
  • At networking events
  • In your podcasts and videos
  • At speaking engagements

Also included:

  • Discovery questions & branding exercises
  • Templates, handouts, video training modules, and bonuses
  • Lifetime access to your series of Video Training Modules
  • 12 months access to your Private Members-only FB Group
  • Feedback on marketing collateral design

Two ways to enroll in the

60 Days to Your kick-ass Brand Program

$ 748*


* 3 payments of $748, totaling $2244. First payment will be drafted immediately, then you’ll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 2 months.




“I had tried many times to build my brand and website with designers. Every attempt failed miserably.  This program is easily worth 3-4 times its price!”

The Frosting Doesn’t Make the Brand if the Cake Tastes Like Crap

When you don’t know how to see your business objectively – as others see it – you have no idea how to tell your story in an authentic way that builds trust.  If you have no idea about brand strategy or relevancy, then all of the frosting (the pictures, fonts, and colors) can’t help the cake (your essence, your core messaging, and the true connection that comes from expressing yourself in a way that builds trust).

“It’s hard to communicate your value if you don’t know what the customer’s definition of value is.  Most marketing fails because the marketer doesn’t understand the story his customer wants to believe, before they tell their story.”  – Bernadette Jiwa

Have you ever noticed that there is always a story in your mind about everything.  Like since this cake looked amazing, that it would taste amazing!

We are hardwired to connect through story.  The telling of story is an ancient practice.  Plato knew it.  Hollywood knows this all too well!  So how does this relate to your business?

At Soul Story Creative, we are able to understand this story of the customer who needs your services and pull them in both visually, and with clear emotional messaging.

What Is Inaction Costing You?

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to be able to create a powerful brand that connects with your ideal audience.

Yes, working one-on-one with a branding strategist or agency can become expensive, but at Soul Story Creative you can get that same individualized attention, feedback from peers, and the skills and tools necessary to bring your brand to life.

You see, it really shows when you don’t have a brand strategy.

  • It’s difficult to communicate with prospects and engage them to buy.
  • People have no impression, good or bad, of your product/service or why it will serve them.
  • You are confusing your prospects with disjointed products and messaging.

End the confusion about who you are and what you are really selling.



Remember that cost of Brand Development with most agencies – including brand clarity, marketing strategy, copywriting training, website function and design plans costs over $10,000!

We can never see ourselves as others see us.

Here’s something that we both know:  wherever you are now, something isn’t yet working in your business.  If you just keep on doing what you have been doing – the road most people choose – you’ll be in the same place a year from now, with a frustrating website and people who don’t understand your message.  So to create different results, you get to choose a different path.

But you won’t be alone.

I’m going to be there every step of the way, to be your guide as we go through this process together.  The power of the mastermind surpasses the sum of it’s parts.

As you decide what feels right for you in the choice of how to build your business, let me leave you with this story…

Lucille had an idea, a hope, and a dream.


She was out there slugging it out on her own. and she wasn’t getting clients.  What she lacked was a true understanding of what was missing.  She lacked a vision of what was possible, and the unflappable confidence to trust that her brand was emerging as genuine and strategic – a guiding hand to show her the way through the shadows of overwhelm, worry, and fear of losing her business.


The idea that people didn’t take her seriously was always in the back of Lucille’s mind.  She began to secretly doubt herself and her abilities to even be that which she so desired –  to be a brilliant contributor to people’s life success.   She overcompensated for her internal quandary by being loud and pushy.  The fear and anguish of not making it plagued her even when she distracted herself with all the “doing”, the fear was still there.


As a result of working through the process of gaining clarity and having a strategy, she understood herself so much better, became crystal clear on what drives her, and now has a solid plan to accomplish what before would have been impossible for her.


Now Lucille has transformed.  She has a deep respect for herself and what she stands for such that others feel confident in her and her offerings.  They love Lucille and trust her to guide them to their vision for their business.  Lucille now attracts the perfect ideal clients to her business on a regular basis.




I look forward to the opportunity to work with you

to create your kick-ass Brand!