"The frosting doesn't matter

if the cake tastes like crap!"

Because your logo, fonts, and colors (frosting) can’t make your business (cake) clear, strategic and captivating.

No matter how good it looks on the outside, if you don’t build your brand in the right order, you are gonna have a bunch of dry tasteless nothing.



Remember, it’s not the logo that creates connection – it’s a person’s ability to connect with your message, and to know that you understand them.

Diana Needham
❝ Lee brings not only clarity but relief that finally my message was expressed beautifully.  And did I say that I am getting more business from this!❞



Diana Needham, The Book Shepherd.

❝ Take advantage of this chance right now to uplevel your business! It will cost more the next time around because Lee and the program are that good, that effective. You’ll be so glad you did.❞



Carmell Clark, LifeArtistTM Leader

Suzette Foster
❝ If you are looking for someone who is spiritually based to honor your needs, hold your hand through this experience, be very supportive, honest and to the point (in a good way), organized and driven to create creative and high-quality products that you’ll love and can be proud of, then Lee is your (Super) woman. I had an excellent branding experience!❞



Suzette Foster, Choose 2 Thrive

A Confused Person Never Buys.

It really shows when you have a disjointed brand:

Your messaging is confusing.

People can’t figure out how you can help them.

In a split second, they are not sure if they can trust you.


Develop your unique kick-ass Brand.

A brand design that lasts.  A brand design you are in alignment with. A brand design that makes you money and is sustainable.

Clarity & strategy.

Sustainable leads.

Visually captivating.

A strong website plan.

A solid sustainable brand.

Move forward in confidence.

The 60 Days program is an Immersion. 

That means we are going build step by step, your brand, our generative offer and your marketing plan.  You will have a solid website plan to hand to your designer or you can easily do it yourself now. 

And I am with you the whole way.

And in just two short months, you’ll have a business built in the correct order saving you lots of time, money and headaches!


  • This program is for you if you experience website shame.
  • You can’t figure out the right words to say what you mean, no matter how many times you try.
  • Your offers are all over the place and no one is buying.
  • You have spent money on marketing that didn’t pan out like you thought it would.
  • You are fully committed to and ready to invest in you and expressing your unique brilliance.


  • Ready to commit for 8 weeks to do the weekly work.
  • Openness, honesty, vulnerability.
  • Desire to be seen authentically and release self-judgment.
  • Enthusiasm, passion, and flexible ideology.
  • Excited to experience transformation in yourself and your business.
  • A clear, reliable internet connection for Zoom Video Conferencing.


  • Your kick-ass Brand Guide pdf for reference going forward. 

    • Professionally Designed, including Graphic Manifesto!
  • Discover and create the #1 message you need for your marketing success and likely have been missing.
  • Develop your signature system!  The single most valuable tool that open doors and opportunities for you in the future.
  • A simple marketing plan to give you a steady stream of qualified leads. .
  • The skill to write copy for emails, social media, website easily and quickly..
  • Tips to create polished marketing materials easily and quickly.
  • The transformation gift of clarity.


  • A solid and simple plan for a smooth running business that works for you.
  • Comfort knowing your online presence is in alignment with your authentic nature.
  • The crystal clear clarity of your message and your purpose.
  • You have a solid foundation and plan going forward.
  • Clear language so that people really understand what you are about.
  • Smart marketing strategy in place that actually builds momentum, while you sleep.
  • The ability to accept new opportunities, ever increasing your abundance factor.
  • Deep confidence that there is a way ahead that is exciting and rich with possibility.
  • Control of the direction of your life.

Magic happens and you are ready for it!

I love that you build your brand as you go.  I know me, and I needed the structure and the accountability that Lee provides in this program.  I got that, and a business that I’m excited about!
Lesli Doares

The Hero Husband Project

60 Days to Your Kick-Ass Brand Program uses a simple step-by-step process that will make your communication strong, clear, and compelling.

Your brand will stand out.

Click here to see how it works...

THE PROGRAM OUTLINE: 60 Days to Your Kick-Ass Brand program uses a simple step-by-step process that will make your communication strong, clear, and compelling.  Your brand will stand out.

This is an intensive and highly interactive program with Lee and a select group of other purposeful-minded entrepreneurs.

Your Branding Intensive Syllabus:

  • Week 1:  Authenticity & Your Avatar
  • Week 2:  Positioning
  • Week 3:  Key Messaging
  • Week 4:  Story Copy writing
  • Week 5:  Your Generative Offer
  • Week 6:  Marketing Strategy
  • Week 7:  Your Visual Brand
  • Week 8:  Website Planning & What Else is Possible?

How it works:

  • In a small online group setting, share and test your ideas in real time.
  • (3) PRIVATE periodic Brand Clarity Work Sessions with Lee.
  • Weekly Online Training, 60 minutes.
  • Weekly Creative Studio Time block for completing assignments and receive feedback.
  • Ongoing support group to practice and to refine your brand story.

NOTE: All sessions are recorded and available for download within 24 hours.

Also included:

  • Discovery questions & branding exercises.
  • Templates, handouts, video training modules, and bonuses.
  • Lifetime access to your series of Video Training Modules.


Two ways to enroll

3 Payments

$ 870

Paid in full


A branded website can cost over $20,000 from a Brand agency; including brand clarity, marketing strategy, copywriting, and website function & design.  But you now you can get that same individualized attention, feedback from peers, and the skills and tools necessary have your own kick-ass brand, simplified.

Bring your ideas into form at a fraction of the cost.

Your Soul, your story, expressed beautifully.  Because you deserve to have a business you love.

And you love your life again too.



“I had tried many times to build my brand and website with designers. Every attempt failed miserably.  This program is easily worth 3-4 times its price. You will make your money back in no time!”   Carmell Clark

What Is Inaction Costing You?

We both know that wherever you are now, something isn’t working in your business.  If you just keep on doing what you have been doing, you’ll be in the same place a year from now, with a frustrating website and people who don’t understand your message.  And your bank account…well then there is that.

      As you decide what feels right for you…

I invite you to click here and read Lucille's story.

Lucille had an idea, a hope, and a dream.

She was out there slugging it out on her own. and she wasn’t getting clients.  What she lacked was a true understanding of what was missing.  She lacked a vision of what was possible, and the unflappable confidence to trust that her brand was emerging as genuine and strategic – a guiding hand to show her the way through the shadows of overwhelm, worry, and fear of losing her business.

The idea that people didn’t take her seriously was always in the back of Lucille’s mind.  She began to secretly doubt herself and her abilities to even be that which she so desired –  to be a brilliant contributor to people’s life success.  She overcompensated for her internal quandary by being loud and pushy.  The fear and anguish of not making it plagued her even when she distracted herself with all the “doing”, the fear was still there.

As a result of working through the process of gaining clarity and having a strategy, she understood herself so much better, became crystal clear on what drives her, and now has a solid plan to accomplish what before would have been impossible for her.

Now Lucille has transformed.  She has a deep respect for herself and what she stands for such that others feel confident in her and her offerings.  They love Lucille and trust her to guide them to their vision for their business.  Lucille now attracts the perfect ideal clients to her business on a regular basis.

Get a grip on your marketing!

Give yourself what you deserve — a brand that is clear, strategic and works,

for you and your life.

A year from now, be celebrating!  (Not lamenting ‘if only’.)

Next step?  Let’s just have a conversation.

We’ll look at what ya got and what ya need, and mostly about your vision 😉  Then see.